We had our wine tasting activity today.  Students were so surprised to discover our local wines.  The reaction was pretty good.  Many students commented that “hey, it’s not so bad”.  Of course we are not on the same playing field with French, Spanish and Italian wines.

Students were also surprised to learn that we have over 30 vineyards in the province of Quebec!  We paired these wines and ciders with some Quebec cheese and fruit.

We created such a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the student lounge that many students hung around all afternoon practicing their English and French while discussing wines.

This is an activity we should definitely repeat!

Santé!!  This is the French way to say Cheers!!


Montreal held its first annual Burger Week.  Over twenty restaurants – some with specialty burgers specifically for this week – participated in this weeklong burger brawl, battling for the ultimate title.

Find some of Montreal’s BEST burgers below:

Bofinger: Smoked and grilled 100% all beef patty, with Bofinger’s famous pulled pork, house smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, Spicy barbecue sauce all on a toasted Portuguese bun.  Awesome addition of tangy coleslaw, reminiscent of any classic pulled pork sandwich but with a burgery twist.

Restaurant Biarritz: Bulgogi marinated flank steak, homemade kimchi, topped with freshly chopped scallion and ginger drizzled with oil. Cooked to a perfect medium rare and served on a grilled sesame seed bun, the burger took first place.

Café Pave: One of the three vegetarian options on the week – a patty comprised of braised black turtle beans, corn with a south-western kick, English cucumber, organic Roma tomatoes, spinach with roasted garlic, and dressed with a yogurt sauce.

Bistro le république: Beef patty, cheddar, crispy griddled cooked bacon, onions, with a dollop of homemade bbq sauce on a sesame seed Kaiser bun.  Pretty basic burger until they sexed it up by braising the onions with beer.

Café Souvenir: Called the “breakfast burger”, this burger encompasses everything you think of eating first thing in the morning: pulled pork, topped with a sunny-side up egg, and guacamole.

Comptoir 21: From a fish and chip shop comes the fish and chip burger sans the chips… So basically it’s a fried fish burger. Topped with mesclun, tomatoes, sliced pickles and their house special sauce.

Diablos Smoke House BBQ: Called the sixth deadly sin, this monstrosity is AAA-beef patty, provolone cheese, smoked bacon, smoked tomato ketchup hugged in a pretzel bun. Only way they can push this burger over the edge is if they battered and deep fried it… wait a minute…

KONO Pizza: The only non-burger entry of burger week – A cone shaped pizza burger pizza cone. Grilled fresh ground beef, secret four-cheese blend, homemade tomato sauce wrapped in their signature pizza crust cone.

Le Gros Jambon: All beef patty, caramelized onions, topped with fried pickles and doused with a homemade Coca-cola mayo in a homemade hamburger bun. Yes, I said Coca-cola mayo.

M:Brgr: Kobe beef patty, topped with pecorino, arugula, grilled sweet cherry tomatoes, with a grilled slice of all beef salami slapped on top – the burger was decadent and lustful.

Nouveau Palais: This is a traditional burger topped with straight up classic fixings: lettuce, tomato, onions, bacon, and cheddar on a poppy-seed bun.

Our mission at EC Montreal is to taste every single one of these 11 Montreal burgers!!  They look simply amazing!!



Movie Day Success!

Last week was English movie day!!  Over 33 students showed up to view the movie!!  It is our best turn out yet!!  The movie was The Shawshank Redemption.

The round-table discussion after the movie focused on the prison system and how to rehabilitate offenders.  The CSR theme falls under the pillar of community and society.

It is always very interesting to obtain students views on these very hot topics!!

We look forward to our French movie today!!



Tomorrow, September 26, we will be giving our students a taste of Quebec wines and ciders.  Not many people are aware that the province of Quebec has great vineyards!!  It is harvest time in Quebec and our wineries are busy getting collecting grapes!!

There are over 30 wineries in Quebec located in five distinct regions. Although grapes have been cultivated in Quebec for centuries, it is only in the last  twenty years that local wine production has taken off in a big way.

Few people outside the region are familiar with Quebec wines because the majority of production is consumed domestically.  Many wineries sell out their inventory simply by marketing to visitors of the winery.

QuebecWine.com provides you with a resource and guide not only to the area of wine appreciation but specifically to the charm of the Quebec wine regions.  You’ll find information on the Quebec wine route, information on cold climate wine production, general information on wine appreciation, and travel information for the area.

What goes better with wine than cheese.  Quebec is one of the most exciting cheese production regions in North America.

The first week of October, our students will be going on a tour of the Eastern Townships and visiting a local winery.  They will have a chance to see how the wines are produced and get a taste of the different varieties.  They will pass through some cheese farms and end on Mount Orford for the annual fall festival!!


Meet Renee Lee!

Renee is our newest EC Montreal staff member.  She will be joining the team as a student counselor on October 1st!  We are delighted to be welcoming her to EC!

Renee is very bright, well educated and professional.  She finished top of her class in her studies.  We are confident she will do great things at EC Montreal!!

We thought it would be a hoot to interview her so you can all meet the fun side of Ms. Renee Lee!


Who are you wearing?

Jewelry:  Guess

Jacket:  Ralf Lauren

Dress:  Dynamite

Purse:  Burberry

Shoes:  Naturalizer

Tights:  The Bay

Make-up:  Lancome


Tell us about yourself!!

Favorite designer:  Gucci

Fashion Idol:  Jennifer Anniston

Passion:  Travel

Pet peeve :  negativity

Favorite gelato :  coffee

Favorite actor :  Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite beer :  Stella Artois

Must have in your pantry:  chocolate chip cookies

Mountain or ocean:  ocean

Favorite boutique:  Bedo

Favorite restaurant:  Gibbey’s

Favorite dish?  Escargots & steak dinner

Favorite aperitivo?  Beer

Best coffee in montreal?  Art Java

Best pizza?  Pizzeria Napolitana

Favorite snack?  Guacamole

Best bar in Montreal?  Jardins Nelson

Favorite street in Montreal?  University street

A thing about you that would surprise most people?  I drink like a fish!

You know when you are a Montrealer when or if?  People from other provinces say I am an aggressive driver.

Best way to feel Korean in Montreal?  Cheering Korea on at the world cup soccer or Olympics.

Describe your ideal day on Sunday in Montreal?  Going to Old Montreal and having a cold beer on a terrace.

Describe your ideal night out in Montreal?  Same as above

Favorite word:  Travel

Least favorite word:  no

What turns you on? Vacation

What turns you off? Coming home

What sound do you love?  Singing

What sound do you hate?  A baby crying

What is your favorite curse word?  Damn

What profession would you like to attempt?  Hotel owner/manager

What profession would you not like to do?  Teach

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gate?  Your family is waiting for you




Did you know that Montreal is world renowned for its artistic  vitality? A visit to the arts and entertainment district will convince  you: theatre, music, dance, film, exhibitions – all the artistic  disciplines converge in this district, where creativity is the  watchword.

More than thirty performance halls are found in this area, which centres on the intersection of St. Catherine Street and St. Laurent Boulevard.

Place des Arts is home to Les Grand Ballet Canadiens, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and L’Opera de Montreal, just to name a few!!  No matter the season, there are always performances taking place in the Arts & Entertainment district!!

Take a walk down Ste-Catherine street after school today or take the metro to the Place des Arts station to check out this very cool area of the city!!


My experience in EC Montreal has been very pleasant!!  The staff are very friendly and helpful.  I really like my classes and the activities are amazing!!

Thank you EC for this wonderful experience!  I simply LOVE Montreal!!!



Virgin Radio Dance Party!

Thursday, September 27 between 5 and 7 p.m. the corner of Rene Levesque Blvd and de la Montagne street will be transormed into an outdoor dance floor.  DJ’s from Virgin Radio will be spinning and entertaining the crowds.  Look for the Virgin Radio Billboard with the slogan “Montreal is our dance floor”.

This is expected to be the biggest block party in history!!  There will also be tons of prizes to be won!

Be a part of history in the making!


With Halloween just around the corner, La Ronde will raise the dead for the most frightening fest in Québec during Fright Fest .  In addition to the world-class line-up of thrill rides, the theme park will transform into a “scream park” with additional themed shows and attractions.

Amid thousands of pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales and oversized creatures, you can roam the haunted midways and encounter “Thrills by Day, Fright by Night” entertainment. The month-long celebration will run Saturdays and Sundays – October 6th through October 28.  The park will also be open on Monday, October 8, which is our Canadian Thanksgiving.  EC Montreal will be closed on that day.  If you are looking for something to do on this national holiday, Laronde is a great place!!

When the clock strikes 5 p.m., the sun goes down and the ghouls come out!  Watch as the park transforms from “Thrills by Day” to “Fright by Night”. Check out the chilling entertainment like the scary haunted houses – District 510, Death Row, and the new Massacre Museum! Fight Fest at La Ronde is more terrifying than ever!

You can also admire completely transformed pumpkins from professional carvers and meet Frankenstein, Dracula, a mummy and a witch.  They will either scare you or entertain you during your park visit!!



A sunny welcome goes out to our new EC Montreal students.  We are so happy to have them join us!

We wish them an awesome Montreal adventure!!