LECTURE: Attitude of Gratitude

  by Sheetal Makhan / AYC I thought it was quite apt to have our last lecture of 2013 based on my favourite topic, being grateful for all we have. The lecture, titled “Develop an Attitude of Gratitude” was the second one I’ve presented and like the last time, I hope that it will begin … Read more

The smile behind the veil…

  by Sheetal Makhan / AYC  A few weeks ago, on Thursday 5 December, instead of having a regular “lecture” on our Thursday afternoon slot, I thought it would be interesting to incorporate some kind of forum discussion. Nawal, who is currently back in Saudi Arabia, agreed to address a group of students to share … Read more

Lecture: Develop An Attitude of Gratitude

by Sheetal Makhan / AYC Following the act of gratitude shown by my Pre-Intermediate class towards Abdul (our friendly security and door attendant), I felt extremely inspired to start a wave of gratitude. For many years, I have kept a “Gratitude Journal” where at the end of every day, I list everything I am grateful … Read more