The Metro is your friend!

OK, so we all know the Metro. It provides entertainment on your long tube journeys to school, it can be used as an umbrella when it rains (very rarely) and it helps you to hide from people that you don’t want to talk to on the tube.


It is also a very useful learning tool. My students tell me that they read the Metro every day but their English does not improve. If this is true for you then maybe you need to try something different.

– Every week choose one article that you think is interesting (a short one is fine).

– Find 5 difficult words/phrasal verbs and look them up in a dictionary. Then write a sentence for each one.

– Finally, write a letter/email to a friend back home. Tell them about the article (summarise it) and give your opinion.

– Show the sentences and letter to your teacher and ask them to correct it  (you don’t have to send the letter to your friends).

If you do this every week you will improve both your writing and your vocabulary.


It’s EC being green…

EC wants to be green! As an international company, our actions can have a real impact on the environment – we want to try and make sure we have a positive impact! You can help with this, too. Here are some tips for creating a greener, cleaner world:

1. Recycle! Wherever possible, use recycling bins for paper, plastic, cans, etc.
2. Save energy – when you have finished with a computer, turn it off. When you leave a room, switch off the light. It all helps…
3. Walk/cycle. Not only is it good for the environment, it’s good for you too.


Soaked !

10 teams from all 4 EC UK schools battled it out for the EC “World Cup” in a soccer tournament in Reading on Sunday 7th August 2011. Despite some very heavy rain, the winners were “Cambridge Diablo” who beat “Brighton Allstars” 4-3 in the grand final.

Briefing before the Tournament


Happy Mondays at EC London

Monday 1st August was a big day for EC London as we welcomed the highest ever number of new arrivals to the school!

The day was a huge success and ended with over 200 adult students enjoying the Welcome Event in our local friendly student pub.

Here’s to a brilliant summer at EC London!