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If you jog in Montreal, then you’ve no doubt ran the trails on Mount Royal. It is magical to run through the mountain any time of year. The mountain offers a fantastic view of foliage and nature as you work up a sweat. Montrealers aren’t the only ones aware of the amazing jogging routes Mount Royal offers, as CNN cites, the trails as the reason Montreal made their top ten world’s best city jogging trails.

mount royal

Avid joggers in Montreal, or anyone, who can appreciate the beauty of Mount Royal in the fall, would have to wholeheartedly agree with CNN. Nothing beats a solid run up and down the mountain in autumn, when the leaves offer a colourful distraction and the weather is cool enough so that you won’t get too hot.

EC Montreal organizes activities on Mount-Royal at least once a month, no matter the season, so our students get to experience the magical mountain and get a panoramic view of the city!

mt royal view

To see how Montreal ranked on CNN’s list, here are the news organizations choices for the world’s best jogging cities, with trail included.

  1. London’s Thames Path
  2. New Orleans’ French Quarter jogging tours
  3. Sydney’s Bay Run Trail
  4. Shanghai’s Xuhui Riverside trail
  5. New York’s High Line park trail
  6. Montreal’s Mount Royal trails
  7. Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak to Pokfulam Resevoir Hong Kong Trail
  8. Dallas’ Trinity Skyline Trail
  9. Chattanooga’s Riverwalk
  10. Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park

We were also very happy to see that EC has destinations in 3 of the cities mentioned in the article; Montreal, London and New York City!



We are delighted to introduce you to our new student ambassador, Monique Barros from Brazil.  Monique is participating in EC Montreal’s Bilingual programme.   Monique is motivated to fulfill her ambassador role and helping our new EC Montreal students.  Here is her message to her fellow school mates:

Monique Barros
Hi!  My name is Monique Barros and I’m from Brazil.  I came to EC Montreal to improve my English as much as possible and to learn another new language, French!  I arrived 5 weeks ago and will stay here for 6 months.  I came alone to study and I know how difficult it is and because of that, I’d like to help new students.  I love to meet new people and to make new friends.

As an EC Student Ambassador, I’ll help new students and motivate them to speak English and French. I’m a communicative and responsible person and I believe that my skills can be useful. This opportunity will also be a new challenge, but it will definitely help me develop my communication skills in English.

Thank you!



We are delighted to introduce you to EC Montreal’s new Activity Leader, Milena!  Milena joins our team as our Activity Leader next week.  She comes to us with a great deal of experience working in the field of customer service and animation.


Hello everyone!

My name is Milena, I was born in Colombia and I am 30 years old (not ashamed at all to say it; I look way younger). I have lived in Montreal for 3 years, and I am very happy to have chosen this amazing city to live in. Back home I was an English teacher, but here I am studying social work at UQAM University; I am on my second year. I also love dancing; I am a Zumba instructor and a dance teacher.

I am a member of 2 dance groups (traditional dance from Colombia and Salsa). I am so excited to become the activities leader at EC. I have worked in the teen programme for 2 summers (2012 and 2014) and I really loved it, to get to meet all these kids from all around the world was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

milena 2

When I was 17 years old, I had the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to study English for 8 months. My level of English was really low; I was really young, immature and shy. It was the first time in my whole life I was traveling on my own, so far away and leaving everything behind. It was a very unique experience that allowed me to grow up and learn so many things. As a matter of fact, that trip changed my life. Thanks to that experience, I decided to become an English teacher and traveling around the world became my dream.

Before coming to Canada, I worked for Disney cruise line for a year as a youth activities staff. This job was the tool to achieve my dream; I visited more than 10 different countries, I made wonderful friends from all around the world and I got to know Mickey Mouse and all his friends! (I really lived by their motto: Where dreams come true).

Now I am very happy to be able to share all these experiences and memories with you at EC, I am very excited to be given the chance to be with brave people who come here to learn and grow! Learning a new langue is about understanding a different cultures and be opened mined towards all the things we can learn.  So; as language students who travel overseas, you not only learn a new language, but also a different way to see life. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it is the best way to really live life to its fullest: taking the risk to discover every day something new.

I am so glad to be a part of your journey!


new stds oct 6

EC Montreal welcomed many new students today from over 10 different countries and between the ages of 20 and 67!  What a wonderful and diverse group of students beginning their language adventure with us at EC Montreal!

Also among the group were two very special students from Brazil.  They are both in wheelchairs but that has not stopped them from traveling to Montreal and taking part in our English immersion programme.

At the end of their first day, they came into the office to let us know how delighted they were with EC Montreal and how welcomed they felt.  They will be with us for the next two weeks and we will do everything we can to ensure their experience is a rewarding and memorable one!  We have also ensured that the activities programme we have planned during the next couple of weeks are all conveniently located so our students could participate with great ease.

EC Montreal is equipped to accommodate the disabled and the shopping mall in which it is located in likewise.  There is a special elevator to take them up to the 4th floor where EC Montreal is located.  There is also a bathroom equipped to accommodate them right by the office.

If you have a disability, please don’t let it stop you from joining us at EC Montreal for your language adventure!  We are here to assist you and guide you throughout your journey!



Attention, EC Montreal students! You have chosen to learn to speak English or French in Montreal, which is one of the world’s friendliest cities! How does that make you feel? One thing you can always rely on in Montreal is that the city’s people will help out a visitor. More than any other city in Canada, Montrealers are willing to make sure out-of-towners have a great time in the city, and they’ve noticed, ranking Montreal the third friendliest city in the world.


RoughGuides.com, a worldwide travel advice site, asked all of its followers to rank the world’s cities based on the friendly-levels of the locals. Out of fifteen cities ranging from Budapest to Tokyo, Montreal placed third most friendly overall.


Montreal was chosen for being “colourful, engaging and welcoming in French and English!” as pointed out by one Rough Guide twitter follower. A truer statement was never said before.

The only other Canadian city to make the list was Vancouver, which ranked 6th on the friendliest city list. To see which cities Montreal beat out and ranked below, see Rough Guide’s list of the world’s 15 most friendly cities below.  It makes us very happy to see that 3 EC destinations made it on the list:  Montreal, Vancouver and Cape Town!!

1. Glasgow, Scotland

2. Dublin, Ireland

3. Montreal

4. Liverpool, England

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Vancouver, Canada

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

8. Dubai, UAE

9. Manchester, England

10. Melbourne, Australia

11. Budapest, Hungary

12. Cape Town, South Africa

13. Vientiane, Laos

14. Wellington, New Zealand

15. Atlanta, Georgia



Open House at Lufa Farm!

lufa seal

Lufa farm is the first rooftop farm in the world and yes, it all began right here in Montreal!  This very impressive business began by four ambitious, passionate and innovative individuals.  Their rooftop farm is heated directly from the sun from the glass panels.  When it’s a dark and rainy day, they use lamps.  They add nutrients to their water to ensure all their plants are healthy and bear fruit.  The entire operation is grown without any pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

rooftop view

This organic farm supplies food baskets to many business and private homes around Montreal.  When they first opened they had 200 subscribers.  Now, only a few years later, they have close to 5000!  More and more people want to eat healthy and only cook with organic food.

lufa 2

The open house today was absolutely wonderful!  It is such an inspiring business!  They genuinely care about the environment and about their consumers.  Their operation is completely paperless and they control their carbon footprint very carefully.

rooftop 3

Many asked the question – why on a roof?

The answer is that good farm land is disappearing fast. It’s either being lost to parking lots and commercial development or it’s being slowly poisoned by overuse of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. To make matters worse, good forests are being lost in an effort to make more farm land. That’s a lose-lose proposition.


We have more mouths to feed and less land to do it with. The world population continues to grow exponentially even as good farmland is rapidly disappearing. It simultaneously gives urban residents access to local produce that they would otherwise have imported from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. The prototype 31,000 square foot farm feeds approximately 2000 people and provides them with an excellent selection of fresh and nutritious produce. The future greenhouses will feed more. The Lufa Farms slogan is “Our vision is a city of rooftop farms”.  They have set out to prove that that vision both possible and economically viable.

rooftop 2

Many also asked why do they conserve and recirculate water?

Their answer is that good water is increasingly rare. They don’t want to do anything to make it rarer. That’s why the farm captures rain water and recirculates irrigation water.  They do this to avoid placing additional demand on the city water supply.


They use hydroponic cultivation methods, which allow them to grow using between 50% and 90% less water than a comparable farm not practicing recirculation. Since they recirculate 100% of irrigation water, their greenhouses don’t load the municipal drainage system and the plant nutrients don’t end up in lakes and rivers.


The first greenhouse in Montreal also creates a large buffer system around the greenhouse. This slows the rate at which uncollected rainwater flows into city sewers.


Anybody can be a subscriber and buy directly from the farm.  You simply have to sign up – which is free and you get a menu of fresh ingredients to choose from every week.  If you don’t choose, they automatically prepare a basket with the fruits and vegetables that are in season.  The basic basket is $30 and the minimum purchase is $15.

lufamaple cola

Lufa holds these open house events every 6 weeks, however, they can accommodate private tours upon request.


At EC Montreal, we plan to include a tour of Lufa Farm as part of our English or French plus Gastronomy programme.  In addition to the food tours, culinary lessons and pastry making, students will have a chance to visit the first rooftop farm created in the world.


Every visitor leaves the farm with a special gift.  Today’s gift included a bag filled with radishes and collard greens.


Join us at EC Montreal and participate in our Gastronomy programme!  Not only will you learn new words in English in Montreal but you will also get a healthy taste of Montreal!

Lufa Farm is located at 1400 Antonio-Barbeau in Ahuntsic.


oktoberfest ec 3

Haven’t had your fill of Oktoberfest celebrations yet?  Good – there is another great one happening today at the Atwater Market.

We introduced our EC Montreal students to three different events already.  We had our Oktoberfest party in the student lounge last Wednesday, we took them out for German beer on Thursday and yet another party at the Old Port on Friday!!

Well, today, dear students, you are in for a real treat!  The Atwater Market is holding its own Oktoberfest event for one day only!

More than 45 micro-breweries will offer the best of Québec artisanal beer. Plus, the butchers and charcutiers will be serving up sauerkraut and sausages.  In addition other shops will be carrying special Oktoberfest treats.

What are you waiting for, the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and a world of beer and sausage awaits you at the Atwater Market!

Prost from EC Montreal!


Pumpkin Season is Here!

pumpkin patch

Pumpkin season is in full swing.  Pumpkin events will be held at three different farmers markets in the city, the Pumpkin Festival will be a day devoted to the mighty pumpkin. Tasting sessions will be held, as will mini-pumpkin decoration stations, with more to be announced as the Pumpkin Festival draws nearer.

So you don’t miss any fun with pumpkins, here are the three locations and dates for Montreal’s Pumpkin Festivals:

  • Jean-Talon Market – Saturday, October 18th from 10am to 4pm
  • Atwater Market – Sunday, October 19th from 10am to 4pm
  • de Maisonneuve Market – Saturday, October 25th from 10am to 4pm

You can also visit the pumpkin patch displayed at the Montreal Botanical Gardens every year.  You can combine this visit with the Lantern Festival.  Look for this outing on the next EC Montreal calendar of events!

pumpkins 2

The pumpkins are not just great to look at – there are so many wonderful things you can do with them!  You can make Halloween Jack ‘O Lanterns!  You can also scrape out the seeds for a fun snack.  If you are into cooking, you can make pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and other wonderful fall desserts.




It doesn’t take long for our EC Montreal students to fall head over heels in love with Montreal.  There is something special about Montreal.  It is often described as a magical city.

We have been gathering feedback from our students, in our full immersion English programme in Montreal, to find out more about this love affair they have with our city.  Below are the 10 most popular reasons why Montreal is so loved:

1.  It has a European flair – students find this old world charm within a North American city very appealing.

2.  It is a food lovers paradise – if you are a foodie, Montreal is the perfect city for you.  Second to New York City, Montreal has the most restaurants per capita.  There are over 6000 restaurants in Montreal.  Whatever you crave, you will find it in Montreal.

3.  Montreal has a thriving nightlife – Second to Las Vegas, Montreal is the next most visited city for bachelor parties.  There are many types of nightclubs and they stay open until 3 a.m.  Most other cities in Canada, closing time is 1 a.m.

4.  It is a bilingual city  – EC Montreal students are fascinated by Montrealers who are able to switch back and from English to French.  Most of us in Montreal are bilingual and also speak a third and fourth language.  A truly bilingual city is very unique and our students love being a part of it.  That is why our bilingual programmes are growing in popularity!

5.  Montreal is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.  Our students don’t feel like strangers or visitors.  They feel at home andMont welcomed because there are so many cultures represented in our city.

6.  Montrealers are friendly people.  Many of our students comment on how nice and polite people are here.

7.  Montreal is rich in art and culture.  There are so many museums, art galleries and performance art.  We have Les Grands Ballet Canadiens and L’Opera de Montreal just to name a few large scale productions.

8.  Montreal is clean and safe.  Students feel comfortable immediately here.  They feel safe enough to stay out late.  For many, this is a nice change to their situation back home.  They are truly enjoying their freedom and stress-free everyday life while in Montreal.

9.  There are many pretty girls – Montreal is ranked number 7 among cities with the most beautiful women.  Many say the beauty lies within the many cultures represented here in Montreal.  Others say it’s the French Canadian women who are the beauties.  Whatever the reason, our students love going out and meeting Montreal women!

10.  Geographically, Montreal is situated perfectly!  It is only a few hours away from Quebec City, Ottawa, Mont-Tremblant and the USA border.  Students who visit Montreal can easily travel to our neighboring cities.

As a proud Montrealer, it warms my heart to hear our EC Montreal students compliment my city and to never want to leave it!  Come study English and French in Montreal and fall in love!



toufik 3

Did you know that EC offers the Higher Score IELTS preparation course in Montreal?  Why Higher Score?  – because we guarantee that you will get the score you require on the exam!

We teach the Academic IELTS course and work with each student individually to ensure they meet their objective.  From Monday to Thursday, students work on four different language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing during A period and grammar and vocabulary during the B period.  Every Friday, students work on practice IELTS exams in class.

Students need to have an intermediate level of English in order to participate.  You can take a free trial class any Monday to Thursday and you can start your classes with us every week.

Whether you need IELTS to enter University, for your employment or to Immigrate to Canada, EC Montreal is here to make sure you achieve your goals!