Nayeli Martinez Hernandez has been participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme for the past six months!  She is a talented film maker from Mexico City.  She decided to shoot a short film of her EC Montreal experience during her stay.  This, she says, will be part of her portfolio.  She promised to send it to us when it is completed.  We saw bits of it during her stay and we are already impressed beyond belief!


Nayeli was also a student ambassador for us during her stay.  She helped to welcome the new students and assisted us in promoting our activities and events.  Today is her last day at EC.  We will really miss her sunshine smile!  Here is what she would like to share about her full immersion English programme in Montreal:

This experience has been the best!  I’m really satisfied with everything that I’ve done in Montreal.  I have learned a lot and l have met so many people from all over the world that are now my friends.

My teachers were great!  They really know how to teach.  I’m really thankful to this school for all the support that I have had.

Montreal is a beautiful city!  It doesn’t matter which season it is.  You are able to find something to do all the time!  Montreal is the right place to learn and to have a wonderful time!

Thank you EC Montreal for the unforgettable experience!


Corrado Spinato is a lovely young man who recently immigrated to Canada.  His father came to sign him up and was so impressed by EC Montreal!  He wants his son to improve his English so he can attend an English speaking University in Montreal.

Here is what Corrado had to say about his full immersion English programme in Montreal:

corrado spinato

I chose Montreal because I have part of my family here and I wanted to spend time with them.  I have been here for seven weeks and I really like the classes.

I feel that I have improved my English skills a lot but of course, I want to learn more!  What I like most about the classes is the interaction between all the students.  It’s really a comfortable way of learning for me!



EC Montreal held its annual Cupcake Madness activity today!  As we approach Halloween, we are introducing our students to some common customs and activities.

The students were given plain cupcakes and an amazing variety of frosting, icing, and sprinkles.  The toppings had a special Halloween theme.  We had eye balls, black icing and knives.

The students had a great time decorating their little cakes in the most creative ways.


EC Montreal loves to give its students these opportunities to interact with one another, practice their English and French skills while having a marvelous time!

A full immersion English and French programme in Montreal goes beyond the classroom.  We see it in every activity and event we organize for our students.


As October 31st approaches our students are getting more and more excited to experience Halloween!  For many, it is a custom that is not celebrated back home so it is even more anticipated!



Every Monday, a representative from PhoneBox sets up a booth at EC Montreal!  PhoneBox is a small Canadian telecommunications company that provides quality mobile service.

The company was created with the aim of lowering costs of wireless service.  They cater to individuals who are new to Canada, which is an attractive option to international students.

The plans are designed for those who do not wish to commit to long-term contracts.  Most of their clients are international students and travelers here on a working holiday visa.

The plans are all affordable that offer the benefits of freedom and flexibility.

PhoneBox is a relatively new company.  They began in 2011 servicing Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.  They have now branched out and are able to cater to our student population doing a full immersion English or French programme in Montreal!

The Infinity plan includes unlimited calling, unlimited messaging, Caller ID, Voicemail and Call Forwarding for only $33 per month.  The best part is that PhoneBox sells other plans ranging from $30 to $79 per month and some plans include Free International Calls!  Our students could stay connected with their friends and loved ones back home without incurring incredible bills.  They don’t have to wait until they get home to use Skype, they can ring up their friends anytime and anywhere….except in the classroom, of course!

EC Montreal students who sign up get a $10 voucher that they can use towards their montly bill.

Please look for a PhoneBox staff member in the student lounge every Monday during the lunch break from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.



So you decided to study English or French in Montreal with EC. You wanted to discover a new city and learn a new language. That is a good enough reason but we bet you didn’t know that researchers at the University of Edinburgh and York University have come up with 10 benefits to being bilingual! They make a very convincing argument as to why everyone should know at least two languages!

wsd 2

  1. You’ll read faster: Learning words and concepts in two different languages forces one to become more familiar with both languages’ lexicons, leading to faster reading times and comprehension.
  2. You’ll speak better: Bilingual individuals have improved verbal fluency. They are able to pronounce and speak words at a faster rate while still being completely understood.
  3. You’ll improve your multi-tasking skills: Knowing more than one language constantly makes your brain choose between different words and phrases, while actively keeping the other language out of the way. This improves ones brain function like attention, selection and inhibition, all being high-level processes used when one multitasks.
  4. You’ll stay young: Individuals who speak more than one language build up cognitive networks in the brain’s frontal system, the part of the brain that’s first to degrade once you get older. However, with a solid base acquired with the knowledge of another language, the effects of aging will lessen. This means that the chances of acquiring dementia will diminish.
  5. You’ll be more intelligent: If you learn a new language gives your brain a great workout that will improve your memory and problem solving skills.
  6. You don’t need to practice every day:   no difference was found between active and passive bilinguals. People subconsciously activate both languages even if they aren’t using one of those languages regularly.
  7. You can learn a new language at any age: The studies have shown that cognitive improvements are still evident in those individuals who learned a new language later in life.
  8. The effects of bilingualism does not discriminate: whether you are a male or female, rich or poor, from any country in the world, bilingualism will be a great boost to your brain.
  9. When you measure pros and cons, evidence shows that there is no negative side effect to being bilingual.
  10. You shouldn’t stop at two languages: studies show that the more languages you speak the stronger the cognitive effects will be.

What are you waiting for? Join us at EC Montreal and participate in our Bilingual programme to add two more languages to your list! Your brain will thank you!


What are the odds that part of EC Montreal’s homestay programme we had 2 students by the name “Laura” in the same host family? Well, slim you’d say.  It did happened without any planning!

2 lauras

Laura from Germany and Laura from Columbia are both 2 charming ladies who came to study French in Montreal. They were placed with one of our many wonderful hosts Chantal and Marc by pure coincidence!


They very much enjoyed their homestay host and the EC Montreal school in general, Laura from Columbia is still with us for a few more weeks, and Laura from Germany advised us before leaving that she hopes to return to EC Montreal next February!


Camila Magalhães Lima Mutzenbecher is a student from Brazil participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme.  We are so proud of her achievements and accomplishments at EC!  She is a disabled student but this did not stop her from participating in all our activities as well as some weekend excursions!  Here is what she wanted to share with all of you about her full immersion English programme in Montreal.

Camila Mutzenbecher

I chose EC Montreal because I friend of mine studied here and she loved it!  I improved my English, I found that EC Montreal is a very good school and I want to come back again!

My favorite class was Conversation because now I can understand the English language much better.

I would recommend EC Montreal to my friends, definitely! Everyone is so attentive!  They really take care about the students.  The staff, the teachers and the other students are all extremely nice!

Thank you EC Montreal! 


halloween nightclub

EC Montreal would like to wish all its students a safe and Happy Halloween!

EC Montreal loves Halloween!  The staff at EC Montreal is looking forward to the activities planned for the day.  Students look amazing with their costumes and we can’t wait for the festivities to begin.  At the lunch break we will have music, candies, punch and we will have a contest to choose the best costumes!

halloween nightclub 2

At night, EC Montreal students will go to a local nightclub where the Halloween parties and festivities will continue.

halloween 2

Here are some tips for staying safe at night:

Before going out:

  • Make sure you are dressed for the weather.
  • Make sure your shoes fit properly and costumes do not fall below the ankles to avoid tripping.
  • Enlarge the eye area of masks and check visibility or use makeup. If wearing a mask, push it up on your head while walking.
  • Walk, don’t run; stop and look both ways before crossing the street; and when crossing at a traffic light, wait until the light turns green and approaching vehicles stop before proceeding.
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers in the nightclub.  Stay together as a group and look out for one another.
  • Don’t accept any “candy” from people you don’t know in the club.
  • Know your limit – don’t drink too much!
  • Most Halloween costumes for women are very revealing.  Make sure you are not giving the wrong impression.
  • If you miss the last metro or bus home, call your homestay to let her know you will be late.  Get a taxi home.
  • Use the buddy system the entire night

EC Montreal wishes you all a safe and Happy Halloween!


halloween pic

Halloween is only two weeks away!  Are you ready EC Montreal?  Every Halloween, EC Montreal hosts a party at the school as well as a costume fashion show and competition!

We encourage all our staff and students to dress up for school that day!  It’s so much fun to see all the creative costumes everyone comes up with!

If you are looking for a costume there are many places just walking distance of EC Montreal where you can get your disguises!

1.  Dollarama – right downstairs on the 3rd floor, Dollarama has wigs, make-up, costumes, hats and so many other wonderful supplies to come up with an amazing costume!

2.  Jean-Coutu and Pharmaprix pharmacies both across the street from EC Montreal have a huge section of Halloween costumes for you to choose from!

3.  Target department store at the Atwater metro station has a nice selection of costumes for both men and women!

4.  The Spirit of Halloween is a shop right in the Faubourg Shopping mall where EC Montreal is located and is a seasonal shop that only sells Halloween costumes and decorations.

5.  The Halloween Party Shop one block away from EC Montreal sells party supplies all year long and an amazing selection of high-end costumes, wigs and face paint!  It’s a little pricier that the other shops but the outfits are a much nicer quality.

EC Montreal will be giving out prizes for the funniest, scariest and most creative Halloween costume!  You have two weeks to get busy and find the best disguise possible so we can have an amazing Halloween!

Happy shopping EC Montreal!


academic and social free activities NOVEMBER

The month of October is half way done already!  The weeks are just zipping by!  The EC Montreal team is busy planning its November calendar of events!  The theme next month is Soulful November.  As it is one of the most quiet months of the year, we decided to introduce EC Montreal students to feel good activities.  The activities are intended to make the body and soul feel great!

hot chocolate

As the weather is turning colder, we thought we would start the month off with a comforting cup of hot chocolate.  We will have a wonderful variety of toppings such as small marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and so many wonderful sprinkles!


The following week, we will introduce our students to a beginner’s yoga class.  It is time to meditate and stretch our muscles and limbs and feed our soul!  It is also a perfect way to relax, de-stress and meditate.  When we are less stressed we are more fit to learn and concentrate.

soul lounge

How about a little soul music in the mix?  We will set up the lounge into a bar scene and play wonderful soul music and serve our signature EC Montreal martini!  Of course, it is orange in colour!  Music can sometimes be the best therapy to help us relax.

grilled cheese

Grilled Cheese sandwiches are Canada’s number one comfort food so we want to share this goodness with our students!  We will get our students to prepare their very own sandwich on the grill!  There is nothing more satisfying on a cold November day than a hot cheese sandwich right off the grill!

A full immersion English programme goes beyond the classroom.  We strongly believe that language and culture go hand in hand.  We will be giving our students a lot of opportunities to interact with one another, practicing their English skills while learning more about Canadian customs, foods and culture!

We look forward to a Soulful November at EC Montreal!