Ricardo  has been participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme. He came to Montreal to study at our EC Montreal Language School with his wife Debora Oliveira. They are having a very good experience here and it is a pleasure to us having them as students. Let’s see what Ricardo wants to share with us:


couple Ricardo and Debora

I’m having a great experience at EC Montreal English School! The staff is always helpful; they have a nice English program and great teachers!

Ricardo Pereira

I chose EC Montreal Language School because the school’s background and also I need to improve my English for academic reasons.



And I chose the city of Montreal because it’s a big city with lots of things to do and places to go, the city is very well located, near of a lot of others greats cities.


Ricardo Pereira



salad bar 1

As part of EC Montreal language school’s New Year’s resolution theme, EC Montreal held a healthy lunch activity today!  We transformed our breakfast bar in the lounge into a salad bar!

The bar was filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients to make the most colourful and delicious lunch for our students to enjoy!

Students enjoyed salads made up of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, beans, tuna and other wonderful toppings!

salad bar 2

EC Montreal wanted to give our students a push in the right direction when it comes to healthy eating!  We hope they will use this example to start eating well the whole year long!  Poutine only on weekends?

Bon appetite from all of us at EC Montreal!  Cheers to healthy living!


Zumba Lessons at EC Montreal!

zumba 1

Part of EC Montreal language school’s January resolutions theme is getting fit and that’s exactly what we did this week!

Milena, our dynamic activity leader is also a certified zumba instructor.  She lead a zumba class for our students to introduce them to fitness and wellness.  The classroom was jam packed!  So many students wanted to get a taste of zumba!

zumba 2

Milena lead the group with great enthusiasm and fun!  She got everyone moving and shaking to some really great tunes!

By the end of the lessons, everyone was sweating and feeling really great!

The month of January is all about New Year’s resolutions and getting more exercise is always on the top of everyone’s list.  EC Montreal wanted to give everyone a little push in the right direction while having a ton of fun!

There are more New Year’s resolutions activities coming soon at EC Montreal!!

Life is never dull at EC Montreal!


IMG_7732 (800x562)Today EC Montreal teachers staff and students say goodbye to a small but wonderful group of Mexican students- the Proulex group led by Edwin. They are a group of students from the university of Guadalajara, Mexico, who were brave enough to experience a Canadian winter in Montreal for the first time! During the past 2 weeks some of them studied English, others French at EC Montreal language school. Most of them were attracted exactly by this unique opportunity of being able to take either and English language course or a French language course at EC Montreal.

The very positive testimonials that all of them left behind are the best proof that they really enjoyed their experience in the classroom, with their host families and out and about in the city of Montreal!

We wish you a safe journey back home and hope to welcome you again to EC Montreal language school!

Thank you!





Farida Abla-profile

We are delighted to introduce you to Farida Abla; EC Montreal’s newest member of the administration team. She is taking on the role of Assistant Director of Studies.

Farida Abla is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Humanities Program at Concordia University where she serves as a Research Associate at Simone de Beauvoir Institute. She holds an MFA in Translation from the University of Arkansas, USA; a B.A. in Translation from the Lebanese University; a Minor in English Language and Literature from the American University of Beirut; a TESOL and a CELTA.

Prior to coming to EC, she has been a Writing Assistant and an English Conversation Group Leader at Concordia University. Besides having taught English for over 15 years; she has been a free-lance Translator, a Pedagogical Consultant at Kodojo, a Pedagogical Coordinator at L’Estrie Language School, and Head of the English Department at MENA Business Services. She has lived in Lebanon, the USA, the UAE, and Canada.

We are proud to have Farida join our academic team at EC Montreal language school. Here is what she would like to share with all of you:

I am excited to join EC Montreal as Assistant Director of Studies (ADOS). Having taught English at EC, I have enjoyed the interaction with international students, the engaging atmosphere, and the inspiring team. I’m looking forward to serving the EC students, teachers, and staff.


Tieni lecture poster

EC Montreal’s students presentations of this week end with a wonderful presentation by Tieni, a student who has been studying English and French at EC Montreal language school  since the summer or 2014! her journey with EC Montreal comes to an end this week and she wanted it to be one we will remember.

Her presentation focused on her native Taiwan and and it was impressive. Her fellow students in the audience loved it!

IMG_7730 (800x533) (2)

Congratulations Tieni and we wish you a lot of success in your future projects!

IMG_7725 (800x533)



The student presentations at EC Montreal language school have started to be almost a daily event! We are happy to see our student’s engagement. Whether it is a presentation in French or in English it is usually held in font of a full audience.

Yesterday Janina delivered a very interesting and highly informative presentation on a subject that interests everybody: happiness.It was a presentation that introduced a lot of scientific information on such a difficult to define subject.

The  long question/answer period at the end was an indication that the presentation was a success and that it gave everyone present food for thought!



Did you know that there is a Top 40 for world’s most impressive “second cities”? Do you know what a “second city” is?

EC students enjoy studying English in Montreal,  one of the  world's best "secondary cities

First hint: in Canada Montreal is a second city, that means that Toronto is the most populated city in Canada, so a primary city.Even though we all know Montreal is far superior in every way, the numbers don’t lie. Thus, Montreal is technically a “second city” but that’s okay, because we’re one of the best! Montreal ranked 32 on the list , not number one that’s true, but we made it to the list! What is note worthy is the we are the only Canadian city on the list, so in a way , it is like being number one!


So, if our international students, who are studying English and /or French at EC Montreal language school, needed another reason to validate their destination of choice for a language immersion course-  they have it!



Here is a great piece of news for our EC Montreal students that are Star Wars fans.They can get a taste of new content tomorrow at Montreal’s Star Wars #1 Launch Party.

wsd 1

This day-long event aims to celebrate the release of the first issue of Marvel’s new comic, simply titled Star War. it is hosted by the  St. Henri comic book shop called Crossover Comics. The EC Montreal students that are interested in this event are invited to go into the comic shop throughout the day and pick up the new Star Wars comic book, with plenty of swag included. they can mingle and practice their English and French language skills with other Start Wars fans!

And, it goes without saying that Star Wars will be screened in the store all day!

Have fun!



Montreal is a city that loves chocolate all year round, but with more ardor during the month of February- Valentine’s month! Montreal is also a city that abounds in festivals, so it is not surprising that Montreal’s Marche Bonsecour is the host, year after year, of the ” all things chocolate ” festival, officially known as :” je t’aime en chocolat”.

chocolate festival

The festival will take place February 6th to the 8th. Having an entire three day event devoted to the most delicious of desserts is hard to top, but the true icing on the chocolate cake is the fact that the event is entirely free.

We encourage our EC Montreal students to plunge into the delicacies that will be there, they can expect to find literally every type of chocolate imaginable, including macaroons, coffee, meringues, and creative creations from master chocolatiers.