Elise Maria was here to take our Bilingual programme here at EC English school in Montreal. She loved EC and Montreal and she wanted to share her learning experience:


I chose Montreal specifically because of all landscapes, the culture also. I learned what I needed to learn and this was an important thing for me.

However, I got at EC Montreal the motivation to continue my English studies in my country. I could also meet many different students and learned a lot about others cultures.


I’m grateful for stayed with the Abbruzzo Family, my EC Homestay. They respected me and tried to help me all the time.


Thank You EC Montreal for everything.

Best Regards,



Linca was here to take English courses in Montreal. She is from Brazil and she wanted to share her learning experience:

linca e arthur

I chose this city because I wanted to learn English and my boyfriend wanted to learn French in Montreal, so here was the perfect choice for us.

I really like the teachers, the classroom and the EC Montreal staff and also I love the EC Activities, like the EC Welcome Chocolate, the EC Karaoke Night and the trips.


Finally, I loved my accommodation on the 2250 Guy Studio, provide by EC, it’s near of school and very comfortable!

I loved my one month in Montreal, thanks EC!



Arthur was here to take French classes in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. He is from Brazil and he wanted to share his learning experience:


I always liked Canada for its culture and people. I and my girlfriend just finished college and we wanted to get better at the languages we were learning.

I came to learn French in Montreal and my girlfriend was learning English. Montreal was the perfect choice.


While in Montreal I got a lot of vocabulary and fluency in French. I also could learn how to say some phrases on a different and better way.

I loved EC teachers and the classrooms. Everyone was very kind and helpful with me. I had so much fun and improved beyond my expectations.


EC Montreal Language School introduced me to real friends from all around the world. Friends I’ll never forget.

I hope to come back soon to more awesome EC Karaoke nights, Zumba classes and trips that are SO ROMANTIC!



Adriana was here to study in our Bilingual Program. She started with English and after she took French classes in Montreal here at EC Montreal language school. She had a lot of fun here at EC and she wanted to share her learning experience:


I decided to come to Montreal mainly because it is a bilingual city and because of EC Montreal Language School I could improve my English and at the same time learn French in Montreal.

The entire EC Montreal Language School staff is very helpful and the teachers are very patient and always willing to help us.


Other than that, the best part are the new friendships. I met people from different places of the world and completely different cultures compared to mine.

As I am living in a student residence I can train my English even at home with my roomates.


I’m sure that I made the right choice when I decided to come to Montreal. It was an amazing experience and I only keep good memories with me. I hope that one day I can come back here.

Adriana Kamachi



Are you taking French Course in Montreal?  We cannot talk about French cuisine without love for “cheese”, can we?

So Cheese lovers gather up! As a part of MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE event we have introduced on our blog before, on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st, there will be a local cheese festival LA FÊTE DES FROMAGES D’ICI at Complex Desjardins where you can try all kinds of Quebec produced cheese for free, and purchase them if you find the ones you like!


You can meet the cheesemakers of Quebec and ask them any questions about cheese you may have (What kind of wine goes well with this cheese and that cheese, for example). It is really an interesting opportunity to compare the different cheese made here in Quebec.

cheese 2

My favorite cheese was called “Le Fou du Roy”! You have to try it!

Have a wonderful ‘cheesy’ weekend!


calendar of events march 2015
The month of March is right around the corner and EC Montreal is busy planning its March calendar of events.  These activities are extremely important to EC Montreal as they serve many purposes.  They introduce our students to Montreal customs and traditions, they give our students opportunities to interact with one other, they give our students extra contact time with the English and French language and it gives our EC Montreal team a chance to meet with our students on a more social level.  We find the latter to be very important as we learn a lot about our students, we remember their names and we are seen by our students as more approachable.    We want our students to feel comfortable with us and to advise us if they have any concerns.

maple bucket

The month of March is maple season in the province of Quebec.  Quebec produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup.  We have many maple farms located approximately 40 minutes away from Montreal.  It is a tradition to visit a maple farm and sugar shack this time of year.  The sugar shack, called “La cabane à sucre” in French, serves a traditional Quebecois meal that usually consists of pea soup, meat pie, ham, beans, eggs, sausage and pickled beets.  The meal always includes dessert; maple pie, hotcakes and maple taffy served on snow.

taffy sugar shack

To celebrate this tradition, EC Montreal will hold a pancake breakfast activity on March 4 and a maple festival on March 11.  We will transform the student lounge into a sugar shack and serve all the maple foods imaginable!

sugar-shack maple

We have also planned an outing to a maple farm on March 21.  We will take a bus to the maple farm and get a guided tour of the facilities.  We will learn how maple syrup is made and extracted from the trees.  We will then share the traditional meal together in a real sugar shack.

irish march

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day.  The Irish make up the biggest ethnic community in Montreal, so this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm!  At EC Montreal, we will all be Irish for the day!  We will decorate the student lounge with St. Patrick’s Day decorations and will serve green beer and hot dogs.  We will also encourage everyone to come to school wearning green!

brazil carnival

Cultural celebrations are very important to EC Montreal.  We like to introduce our students to different customs and cultures.  Since the month of March is carnival season in Brazil, we decided to treat our students to our very own Brazilian carnival right here at school.  We will serve tropical fruit, Brazilian treats and cocktails.  We will also distribute carnaval masks to our students to wear.  We will ask our Brazilian students to prepare special music, videos and other treats to create a very festive celebration.

What a sweet and festive month our students taking English and French courses in Montreal have to look forward to!!



Cristine was here to take French classes in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. She is from Brazil and she wanted to share her learning experience:

Cristine Goebel

I chose Montreal because I can practice more French here. At EC Montreal all the people was very nice, the class was very good and the homestay was very cozy!


I like so much my stay here!! And I will be back for sure to Montreal and to EC Montreal! I recommend this school to all my friends.


Cristine Goebel


Freddy was here to take French classes in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. He is Peruvian but right now he lives in Brazil and he wanted to share his learning experience:

Freddy Cuzco

We chose Montreal because we wanted to have a full winter Canadian experience in the French part of the country. Since I am a linguistics consultant, I enjoyed observing the process of learning of some of my classmates, the way the teachers taught, and my own process of relating the difficult languages to work with the new one.


I would like to thank every one of the nice people of EC Team: Yuki, Renée, Paula, Elisa and Ana. Above all the caring figure of Rafael. I would like to thank also to all of the teachers especially Loulou and Djamel.

I feel that I learnt, as a teacher, a lot with them. Nicole, our host mother, was very attentive and always open to talk to us and give us as much comfort as she could.


Marcus and Marcelo, the tour guides of the EC Montreal trips, were great in sharing with us their knowledge and their welcoming. I would definitely recommend (and I will) EC to all of my friends.

Thank you very much to you all guys.

Freddy Cuzco


Although this winter had been constantly serving us really low temperatures, Montrealers always find ways to enjoy the season and forget about the cold winter!

fete des glaces

One of the many things locals and tourists can do this coming weekend is to check out the free Ice Sculpture Festival or La Fête des Glaces happening February 21 and 22 on Saint-Denis Street.

Over the course of the weekend, our EC Montreal students can check out various artists creating impressive themed ice sculptures before your eyes as well as enjoy other open-air activities like food tastings, promotions and competitions. It will be a wonderful opportunity  for our students to practice the language skilled acquired during their French classes at EC Montreal or English courses in Montreal


They also have the option of taking a guided tour of the route, or wander at your leisure, with shows presented twice each hour between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., on February 21.



Is it too cold to get out? You rather curl up in the blanket and hibernate till the spring arrives?

It might be a little cold for our EC Montreal International students who came to take English or French classes in Montreal, but there is one thing you must experience while in Montreal before you decide to hibernate!

MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE <Montreal Highlights Festival> from February 19th Thursday until March 1st Sunday!


This 11-day festival, which is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, features hundreds of exceptional gastronomic and wine tasting activities, shows, exhibits, concerts and a free outdoor illuminated site (from Thursday to Sunday) at the Old Port and Old Montréal.


The weather surely doesn’t affect Montrealer’s sprite to enjoy life! Bundle up and come out with us, you might as well enjoy the Canadian winter!