best company

EC has a lot to celebrate this year!  We have achieved a 1 star rating with Best Companies!  This is a big deal and a status many companies strive to attain!

All EC employees were given a Best Company survey to complete and were asked to rate their leader, manager, team, well-being and working conditions.  The results show that EC staff is highly motivated, engaged and proud to work for this organization.

At EC Montreal, we achieved a one star status for our centre!  Employees at EC Montreal are happy with their team and looking forward to coming in to work every day!  When asked what makes EC a great workplace, many answered the team, the students, the leaders and the company’s vision!

Here is what EC’s CEO, Mike Xuerub had to say about this success:

“I am very proud that EC has been externally recognised as a fantastic workplace. People often talk about the correlation between highly engaged staff and customer service excellence. At EC we measure the engagement of both our staff and our students, so we can show true evidence of this in practice. We are thrilled to be developing an excellent workplace and revolutionising the service given to international students learning English in our schools.”

I am proud to work for EC and especially proud of my team at EC Montreal!



movie discussion

Every month EC Montreal has movie showings at the school.  The movies chosen have a lot of meaning so they can generate a lot of discussion and debates afterwards.

movie discussion 2

Our students are invited to view the movies at the school.  We offer several show times for our students’ convenience.  On Friday, we invite all the students to join our round table discussion.


This week, the movie was Spanglish.  It is about an American family that hires a Mexican immigrant as a maid.  Her adjustment to American culture and her challenge raising her daughter within this new society is the main story line of the movie.

movie questions

During the activity today, students were given different questions to discuss.  The questions were related to learning a new language and culture as well as the difficulties with immigration.

These academic extras allow our students to practice their conversation skills as well as practice their listening skills and vocabulary.

movie discussion 4

Students participating in EC Montreal’s Academic Year Programme must participate in these Friday afternoon academic extras as part of their studies, however, all students are welcome to join!



Masaya Shishikura is a lovely young man from Japan participating in EC Montreal’s General English programme.  He will be traveling to New York City this weekend and joining the EC New York English programme.  Here is what he wanted to share about his experience to learn English in Montreal:

masaya Shishikura

I’ve been studying at EC Montreal for a month. EC Montreal is rather small, so we can make friends easily and everyone is very friendly. Also, teachers and staffs are very kind and gentle. They always take care of me.

Now, I’m regretting that I only booked my stay in Montreal for just one month.   

I spent a wonderful time at EC Montreal and I will never forget it. Thank you for everything!


Ahmed Aldagigi from Saudi Arabia absolutely adores EC Montreal!  He is such a motivated and hard working student participating in our English Intensive programme.

Here is what he would like to share about his experience to learn English in Montreal:

ahmed aldagigi

EC Montreal is the best school ever!

I’ve been in different language schools but EC Montreal is the best school because of its friendly staff and constructive method of teaching!

I have found exactly what I was looking for in terms of language improvements and I would encourage every second English language learner to study at this school!

Thank you so much EC Montreal!


EC Montreal Job Fair!

job fair 2

EC Montreal’s High-Intermediate English class worked on a very special project this week.  They created a job fair and invited all the classes to participate!  They researched different companies and their working conditions and then set up their kiosk with visuals, illustrations and information about the companies and their job openings.


We were all very impressed with their hard work!  They really go into character and tried to convince all the visitors how great it would be to work for their company!  I visited the Sony booth and they talked to me about the “smart” video games their company was creating and about all the perks that go along with employment with Sony.


This school project helped students with their research skills, presentation skills, teamwork and communication.  The visiting classes worked on question asking, listening and note taking.

Congratulations to Maria Elena’s class!  Well done!


EC Montreal’s Soul Lounge!

soul lounge

As part of EC Montreal’s Soulful November events, we held a Soul Lounge activity today!  We had a portable record player that looked really vintage and played some deep soul music like Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding and Percy Sledge.  We dimmed the lights and lit candles for every table.  We created a special orange coloured mocktail to serve in our very cool lounge.


The students were very impressed with the record player!  They loved it!  They kept asking where they could buy one.  As the portable record player looks like a miniature suitcase, one student had the idea to place Montreal travel stickers all over the case and give it to his father as a Montreal souvenir!  What a clever idea for a unique Montreal souvenir!


The students enjoyed the music and spending time chatting with one another!

Join us to learn English and French in Montreal!



We understand that deciding to come to EC to learn English and French in Montreal was an important decision for you. We are going to share with you so many wonderful events taking place within Montreal so you feel great about choosing EC Montreal! The next big event taking place is the annual Salon du Livre de Montreal. This is the biggest book sale of the year. This book festival will take place at Place Bonaventure for 6 glorious days!

The festival begins on November 19 at 9:00 a.m. and will showcase literature of all sorts, and give readers the chance to meet the authors and illustrators of their favourite stories while also attending various talks and autograph signings

There will be special readings presented by Quebec author Claudia Larochelle and actress Mireille Deyglun. Other special guests throughout the festival include Michel Tremblay, Normand Baillargeon, Katherine Pancol, Denise Desautels and many more!

Entrance will cost $8, or $6 if happen to be a student or senior, or if you just get your ticket online.

The festival ends on November 24.




EC Montreal students have even more to celebrate! They have chosen to learn English and French in Montreal, a city which the BBC has recently named one of the best cities in the world for dating!!

If you are looking for love and an exciting place to date, Montreal is the perfect destination for you!

The BBC chose five different cities to create their World’s Best City for Dating list, including metropolises that had a mix of bars, restaurants, parks, and a solid amount of events. All things Montreal has in great abundance, so no surprise our beloved city made the list.

The BBC breaks it down by Montreal neighborhood: downtown has “urban party-seekers,” the plateau is filled with artist and hipsters, the Village has plenty of gays, and Old Montreal is for people already paired up who want to go on dates.

Out of five, Montreal ranked #4 on BBC’s list of the world’s best cities for dating.

The full list is below.  We are delighted that another EC location made it on the list, Cape Town, South Africa!

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Austin, United States
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. Montreal, Canada
  5. Cape Town, South Africa

Joyful December at EC Montreal!

tree trimming

EC Montreal is looking forward to another wonderful holiday season.  Next month’s theme is Joyful December!  Next month will be about celebrating the holiday season as a family with our staff, teachers and students.  It will also be a month of giving and being involved within the Montreal community.

spirit of giving 2

Our Intermediate class is working on a classroom project to help spread our fundraising efforts to the entire student population.  They are working on a presentation that they will present to the other classes on our CTV Spirit of Giving campaign as well as our annual charity bake sale for the Shriner’s Hospital for Sick Children.

bake sale

The free social events next month will take place on Wednesdays.  The first week, EC will hold its tree trimming party.  We will give our students the opportunity to decorate the EC Christmas tree while enjoying holiday refreshments and listening to Christmas music.

The following week, all our energy will revolve around our charity bake sale.  It will be an entire day of giving with the bake sale at the first break and a lunch at the 12:30 break.  We will also sell raffle tickets and many wonderful prizes can be won!


On December 17, we will have a gingerbread house making competition.  We can’t wait to see our students’ creativity!

On December 24, we will serve our students some holiday cheer with Christmas cake and sparkeling wine to ring in the New Year on the 31st.

The evening and weekend activities will include a Casino Night, French Cinema, a dance show, welcome parties, museum visits and winter sports on Mount-Royal.

xmas party

On Decmeber 12, EC Montreal will hold its annual Staff and Student Christmas party!  We look forward to celebrating the magical holiday season with our EC Montreal family!

What a joyful December we look forward to at EC Montreal!


EC Montreal is proud to support CTV’s Spirit of Giving campaign again this holiday season!  There are many needy families in the Montreal community and these donations can really help to brighten the Christmas season for many families.

spirit of giving

CTV delivered 6 large donation boxes to our offices this week.  We need the help of our EC team of staff, teachers and students to fill them up!  We are asking for donations of non-perishable food items, toys and toiletries.  These goods will be distributed to many different organizations around the city.  These charitable organizations will open up the pantry doors to many families.

In order to motivate our students to give, we will hold another classroom competition again this year.  The class that donates the most items will win a wonderful class prize.

spirit of giving 2

The deadline to donate the items is Friday, December 5, so we don’t have much time to fill the boxes!  We encourage everyone to pick up a few extra goods at the grocery store or the Dollarama right downstairs!  Your generosity will help to make a family’s Christmas special!

bake sale

The entire Holiday season will be devoted to helping others.  On December 10 EC Montreal will hold its 11th annual charity bake sale.  It will be an entire day of giving!  The entire EC staff and teachers will be baking goodies for sale.  All the proceeds raised will be donated to the Shriner’s Hospital for Sick Children.

We look forward to a joyful and giving Holiday season at EC!