Hiroto is a student from Japan who studied French for 4 weeks at EC Montreal.



His partner Kaede came with him and took ESL in Montreal at the same time. She really enjoyed staying at our Studio Apartment.

This is what Hiroto has to say about his experience!


“I chose this school because I can learn both English and French. I only took French course, but I could study English at the same time as well. When I came to Montreal, I couldn’t understand French at all, but at the last week I think I could hear and understand better than the first week. 

IMG_8219 (800x533)

A lot of students are coming from other countries. It was very interesting to meet the people from other country.”

Hiroto Furugen


Juliana Kempers was here to study French and this is what she would like to share about her experience at EC Montreal:


I chose Montreal because my cousin is living here with her husband and kids and I want to come visit her and also take a break from college in Brazil. I decided to study French, because I have studied English a lot in the past.


When I first came to EC Montreal I didn’t know anything about French, so I think I already improved a lot, even though I didn’t stay long.

It was a great experience, I met a lot of people from all over the world and I did many after class activities that the school provides to us.


I think EC is a great place to learn French and ESL in Montreal and I would for sure recommend it to my friends.

Juliana Kempers


Mami Oshima is a multi-destination student from Japan participating in EC Montreal’s Academic Year Bilingual programme which consists of 30 lessons of instruction per week.  She began her EC journey in Vancouver and continued her studies in Montreal since January.

Friday was her last day at EC Montreal.  Here is what she wanted to share with everyone about her FSL and ESL in Montreal experience:


The reason why I chose Montreal is that there are many opportunities to learn French and English.

In the class, I could learn basic grammar, listening and conversation skills. This school is not so big, that’s why I could meet almost everyone and make many friends from all over the world. I think many students who study French can speak English fluently. It was good influence for me and I could practice English too.

Living in Residence was a great experience. I had so much fun every day. The teachers and staffs are kind and friendly. I felt EC Montreal was like a family.

Thank you so much.


young learners 3

EC Montreal has one of the best and most experienced summer teen camps in Canada! We welcome teen students from all over the world! Montreal is the ideal destination for our younger clients because although it is a big city, it has a small town feel to it, which makes it safe, comfortable and exciting!

Montreal is known for its fashion, food and arts; however, there is truly something for everyone in this amazing city. We are able to offer our teen students, who are here to study English or French as a foreign language at EC Montreal, many thrilling and age-appropriate activities.

junior programme

Unlike many camps, EC Montreal offers a mix of cultural, tourist attractions, sports activities and various workshops, giving our young clients an opportunity to get a taste of everything our city has to offer and great occasions to learn something different. From our sports classes, cooking lessons, art lessons, museum visits, boating activities and much, much more!!

The students are grouped by language proficiency not by age. We find that the intermingling of ages and cultures makes for a more interesting adventure for our teens!

If you want an exciting summer and want an opportunity to meet friends from all over the world? Join EC Montreal’s Young Learner’s Programme!  The programme is available from June 29 to August 14.  We have Day Programmes and Classic Homestay options available!


cabane a sucre

EC Montreal students got a taste of a maple syrup festival at the school last week and will be attending a real sugar shack this Saturday, March 21 with IKO tours; however, the maple craze is not yet over! Montreal will be hosting a maple syrup festival in the Verdun neighborhood next weekend!

The most popular street in Verdun, Wellington, will be transformed into a street festival with food, drinks and all kinds of games and activities.

The festival is called Cabane Panache et Bois Rond. This will be the fifth annual event. There are many restaurants participating that will have lots of great food and drinks to sample. All treats will include a maple syrup twist!

maple taffy

Some of the activities will include a rope bridge obstacle course, a game of wooden blocks, hockey and musical kitchen.

The festival starts on Friday, March 27 and runs all weekend from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Any time of year is sweet in Montreal! Our FSL and ESL in Montreal students are sure to agree!


This is what Janic would like to share about his experience at EC Montreal:


I chose Montreal because of the French and because it is far away from Switzerland!

I learnt a lot, I’m so much better in French now! At the beginning I wasn’t able to speak French at all, now I can have a conversation!

I liked the EC Montreal activities as well as the lessons and my stay in general.

I made friends from all over the world and I didn’t speak my native tongue.

I made a lot of friendships and I made a really big progress in French!

I will never forget this time and I would recommend the school to my friends back home!


Simone chose to study in Montreal at EC Montreal because she wanted to practise both English and French.

These are her thoughts about her experience:Simone

I chose Montreal to improve my French and my English skills at the same time. It was the best decision!

I met lots of nice people and my host-family introduced me to the Canadian way of life. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful homestay in Montreal during all this time.

EC Montreal has organized some great activities and trips around the city and to other Canadian destinations (Quebec City, Niagara Falls, etc.).

I’m really sad that I have to leave!

It was an awesome experience and I can only recommend EC Montreal and the City of Montreal!

I will definitely come back!



Philipe Santos was here to take ESL in Montreal. He also did two amazing presentations! He loved his Homestay in Montreal. He wants to share his learning experience:

Philipe Santos

I’d like to thanks EC Montreal and all the teachers for this great experience. When I finally booked my flight to Montreal I was pretty sure that this time here would change my whole life!

The simple fact of listen French and English not only improve your language skills, but make you understand the wold in a different way.


What a great destination! I believe that I wouldn’t archive my goals with a little help from my new friends! Thanks!

Maria Elena, Toufik, Sacha, Graeme, Ethan thanks for your support.  Rafael you are such a brilliant guy, thanks for all your help!

I’m leaving but a new me was born here in Montreal. Thank you!

Philipe Santos



Our Activity Leader, Andréia Dourado, is also studying at EC Montreal. She is having a blast and she asked to write us a testimonial to share her learning experience with us:

Andreia Dourado

I love being student at EC Montreal. Here is the perfect place to learn French and to have ESL in Montreal.

When I arrived here I couldn’t express myself in French and I was sad for that. EC Montreal encouraged me to give my best, to immerse myself in the language, to talk to other people in French. The teachers are amazing.


My favorite EC Montreal Activity is to go out with the others students, to visit some places in Montreal and to enjoy everything the city offers for us.

For sure I will recommend EC Montreal to my friends and anyone that dreams of learn French or English.


Paulo Henrique was here to take French classes in Montreal with EC Montreal language school. He is so happy here at EC he decided to stay one more week and extended his course and his EC Homestay in Montreal. He wants to share his learning experience:

Paulo Henrique Texeira

I always wanted to visit Canada and mostly Montreal. The city is better than I thought! It’s a very beautiful city and everything works very well.

The people are gently and the city of Montreal has a lot of places to go and have fun!


EC Montreal has a huge part in this amazing experience that I’m having. For sure I will return next year again to study more French at EC Montreal!