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Antonyms: choose the opposite word

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'The opposite of high is...'

Everything has an opposite (antonym):

The opposite of  up is down.

The opposite of black is white.

The oppostite of night is day.


Please choose the correct opposite to complete each sentence:


Link: 'How to use adjectives and adverbs

  • The opposite of high is

  • The opposite of wide is

  • The opposite of dangerous is

  • The opposite of modern is

  • The opposite of intelligent is

  • The opposite of rough is

  • The opposite of shy is

  • The opposite of permit is

  • The opposite of success is

  • The opposite of loose is

  • The opposite of powerful is

  • The opposite of ugly is


wonderful topic

there many words are nessery for knowledge, it is very good to how we opposite the word?

Thanks Chris for this lesson.

I love this Language. Anas Legend

soft or smooth?


I am confused between soft and smooth, anyone can explain?

soft or smooth?


it´s smooth like a velvet; a pillow case (e.g.) can be smooth but the pillow is soft, or Teddy-bear is smooth when you touch it and it´s soft when you squeeze it.


hi rohan i m the new member of this group pls give me some imported english notes time to time
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soft and smooth

soft can be known only by touch

smooth can be seen

example; baby's skin is soft

the new road is very smooth

hi soft is like an icecream

hi soft is like an icecream or clouds and its opossite is hard
smooth is like a table top and the opossite is rough

Thanks Juliana1

Thanks Juliana1. your example was quite understanble.


fine & good

Thanks alot good work

Thanks alot
good work .............. keep going



Helpful vocabulary

Helpful vocabulary, and would like to have more to work on.

chanda singh This is really

chanda singh
This is really good for beginners.

splendid lesson !!!!!!!!


Good Lesson

This is my first time without any mistake.



for learn english

I am very happy to join this group because i kwnow the important news olnly because of this group

I hope i will learn english as soon as possilble

ashish gupta

thanks for this lesson its

thanks for this lesson
its very useful for beginner


very good lesson,thanks


wonderful test....


good cours from good site


That's is the best way to know really what does meand a word, when we know the opposite.

Thank you was a nice experience to me.


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Thanks Chris.

Thanks alot:)

It's so eazy ....I hope i improve my vocablary
pleas corect my misticks if i have:)

difficult words

well i need some more difficult world and there antonyms............

Synonyms and Antonyms are

Synonyms and Antonyms are the beauty of every language! we must learn them.

The opposite of modern is historical.

Batting Eyelashes Kiss It was a good example for me...outgoing and more.. Wonderful examples!!!Thanks Big Hug

Antonym Exercise

An amasing exercise.


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