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'-ed' and '-ing' adjectives: describing feelings and things

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'My holiday was relaxing. I felt really relaxed.'

Few, but common, adjectives end in either -ed or -ing:

worried/worrying, interested/interesting, excited/exciting

'-ed' adjectives

Adjectives that end in -ed are used to describe how people feel:
'He was surprised to find that he had been upgraded to first class.'
'I was confused by the findings of the report.'
'She felt tired after working hard all day.'

 '-ing' adjectives

Adjectives that end in -ing are used to describe things and situations. Compare these example sentences to the ones above:
'Being upgraded to first class is surprising.'
The findings of this report are confusing.'
'Working hard all day is tiring.'

 example table:


-ed and -ing adjectives tables
Feel '-ed' describe '-ing'
annoyed annoying
bored boring
confused confusing
depressed depressing
excited exciting
frustrated frustrating
frightened frightening
satisfied satisfying
shocked shocking


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Now complete the sentences below using the correct adjective:

  • Dogs often feel ___ during fieworks.

  • The metro can be ___ the first time you use it.

  • Satoru was ___ to hear about the earthquake.

  • I think that rainy days in winter are ___.

  • She's ___ of doing the same thing every day.

  • It was the most ___ I have been watching a film.

  • The meals at Immigrant's Cafe are ___.




well done

well done

well done

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hey thanks a lot fr such exercise coz these adjectives r really confusing.

excited vs exciting

It doesn't make sense to me:
It was the most excited I have been watching a film.
The word order in this sentence seems wrong and the punctuation marks don't help.
What "it" stands for and what's the connection with its following verb "was" and the superlative following it? Why the adjective is positioned before the word it determines (in case it refers to "I"?
Very confusing...
I would rephrase that sentence as following:
I (not "it") was the most excited; I have been watching a film (assuming the guy has not ever seen a movie before or he wasn't the only one watching it).
It was the most exciting film I have been watching (so far).
What do you think?

yes you are absolutely

yes you are absolutely right.It doesnt make sense.

-ed, -ing

Thang Co Don
I agree with u.

I agree with u.

In this sentence the word "with" cnnot be used. We can say "I agree u".As we usually say "I Love You" this is correct if we say "I Love with u" this is uncorrect.

or it can be rephrased this way

or it can be rephrased this way

it was the most exciting film I have seen.

I fully agree with you.

I fully agree with you.

"Excited" is correct.

"Excited" is correct.

It was the most ___ I have

It was the most ___ I have been watching a film.

I have put the wrong answer twice:


All other questions I have done all right. Could you very kindly explain this sentence?

It was exciting - sounds well,
it was excited - for me it is wrong.

Hi grivna

In this sentence we are talking about how we feel: 'I have been'.


We need to use the -ed form.

Hi Chris, Thanks a lot, now

Hi Chris,
Thanks a lot, now I get it.





English lesson--ed/ly adj

Exciting. Thans for the expanation.

It was the most_________I have.....

I agree with the comments above using excited sounds to me not correct, what was the (it)?
Anyway thanks


May I ask..."It was the most excited I have been watching the film." Is the word "excited" discribing the situation and not my feeling?

It is very exciting to do the lesson.

Thank you.

Hi Aseng

'most excited I have been' refers to the speakers feelings, not to the film. We can guess that the film was exciting, though.

very good

so simple,easy,but confussing, all the same i had all.

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it was quiet learning

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It's beautiful. But need a topic to write about for writing skill

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Verry Intreasting

Verry Intreasting


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'Extreme Adjectives' Lesson

Iis an interesting and challenging lesson. I got all correct except for one and for which the question was unclear too.


useful lesson but I need more clarifying examples and exercises

excited, exciting

I wonder why there is nothing about "interested" and "interesting".

Furthermore, in the choice before the last, I don't see why "excited" is the correct choice - there is inconsistency in the sentence!

excited exciting.

Please take a look at my comments above. Thanks.


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Good exercise


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foundation for improve grammer , need more clarifing and example.


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well done useful lesson.. all are correct Applause

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