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how to use adjectives and adverbs

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'Working hard or hardly working?'


Adverbs are used to give us more information about a verb. They give us information on how something happens or how something is done. For example:

'She cried badly when her dog died'.

'He easily climbed the wall'.

Many English adverbs end in –ly. They are often made by adding –ly to the end of an adjective: quick + ly = quickly.

Be careful!

Sometimes adjectives end in –ly. For example:

friendly, lonely and lovely.


Adjectives are used to tell us about nouns. They tell us about people and things.

'That was a bad film'.

'My exam was easy'.

adverb + adjective

Adverbs can be used with adjectives. Take a look at the following examples:


extremely expensive

incredibly surprised 

reasonably good

Now read the following sentences and decide if an adverb or adjective is needed:

  • Relax. He's a ___ driver.

  • Your brother is so ___.

  • I always work ___ during the week.

  • You ___ touched your lunch.

  • At the party everyone was ___ dressed.

  • By the time we got home I was ___ tired.

  • Han did ___ on his test.

  • I baked this cake ___ for you.

  • They have been ___ married for years.

  • It's natural to feel ___ before a job interview.


Thank you

Thank you so much for this web, it is very useful. My English is very poor but it's very important for my job. I hope that my English will be more better after i joint with you.

Thank you again.


that was very helpfull thanks alot my friend

how to use adverbs and adjectives

It's a useful lesson but I have doubts on deciding whether it's adverb or adjective.In a given sentence
At the party every one was beautifully dressed
To my knowledge I assume it's the case of adverb+ adjective.
Am i right?
Please explain if possible

DucNgoc Yes, I agree with

Yes, I agree with you, I simply think like this: Adverbs is put after the verb, and in front of the adjective.

It's so fun here!

I love this website, it helps me become a concious-English learner.Your quiz is very elementary yet very interesting! This is one of the best websites that one can review what he has learned before answering the provided quizes.

It is difficult for me to

It is difficult for me to decide whereis adj. or adverb.

I am a Chemical Engineer and

I am a Chemical Engineer and must be fluent in English.

A lot of thanks for designing this beautiful site for english learning. Certainly this will improve my English speaking .

Adjective and adverbs

smara Thanks this site help me to understand the conection and different between adjective and adverbs

Why< Feel bad > but ?

Why< Feel bad > but ?

100% Thanks for the lesson!

100% Smile Thanks for the lesson!

thank you

only one mistake. I have started to remember what I know as I read the lessons
thank you for the lesson.

Before I started using this

Before I started using this site , I thought I`ve forgotten everything. It was a great pleasure to find out that I still remember something. Smile Really Thanks for the lessons!

you are right

I agree I've met this site today and its enjoyable, isn't it?
that's one of the big advantages for learners.


But I still feel like I don`t know enough... Is it ever enough at all ?


Of course but these exercises have encouraged us to study and improve the language we have been learning, you know learning a language takes long time


But it`s much harder when you study on your own, because there`s noone to correct you or to talk with... It is also boring. Smile

Vital topic

I often come across using adverbs before adjectives. Now I see. Adjectives describe nouns and adverbs describe verbs. Thank you.

adv adj

this lesson is very useful. I din't know exactly when I have to use verbs with ly at the end.

Greetings, Doris


I didn't understand

If I have understood correctly, when we have questions "How" - we need to use "adverb" & when we answer on a question "Which", we need to chose "ajective".

Please, could you explain me about ussue #.3 I always work ___ during the week? I coudn't understand why the correct answer is "hard"? How I work always? It seems to me I need to chose adverb.

And the similar situation with point #10 It's natural to feel ___ before a job interview.
Why we need fill in "nervous"?

Please, explain me, if it possible!!!

For Natalia2108


In question three, "hard" is the right choice because it is used as an adverb, not an adjective!

In ten, "feel" is a sense verb and should be followed by an adjective, not an adverb e.g. "This cake tastes delicious."

adjective or adverb

On a test I had a question, that went like this :

It's ___________ by air.

A) Quicker
Cool More quicker
C) More quickly
D) Quickly

I'm stuck trying to understand whether it's should be an adverb or an adjective. So is it A or C? And why?


Comparative adjective

"It's quicker by air". 'Quicker' is a comparative adjective, used when comparing two things e.g. "It's quicker to Berlin by air than by train."

Hope that helps,


I Got

I Got All Of It Right.Yay

How do you

How Do You Put A Face On I Can't Seem To Do It.

I have give all the correct

I have give all the correct answers except one which makes confusion in my mind. The sentence is

'Han did ___ on his test.'

I choose the 2nd options i.e., 'bad' as Han is a noun and the adjective must be 'bad'. So, please can anyone describe it how the answer become 'badly'.