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Adjective endings - Cape Town is excited...or exciting?

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The following diary entries of an EC teacher in Cape Town are filled with adjectives. Choose the correct adjective in each sentence.

Another (1: boiled/boiling) day in Cape Town is almost over. It feels like the summer couldn't wait for December and decided to show up two months too early. All my windows are opened wide and the cool night air drifting in is quite (2: refreshing/refreshed). There are a few more minutes left before I am going to bed, even though I am not yet (3: tired/tiring). Tonight I don't have much work to do for school tomorrow. I am (4: preparing/prepared) for all my lessons and can therefore just read my book in bed. I’m reading an (5: intriguing/intrigued) espionage novel at the moment.


I felt so (6: relaxed/relaxing) when I woke up this morning even though I stayed up reading past midnight! I think it is important to take a few moments each day and do a fun, (7: relaxed/relaxing) activity.
It was a very (8: exciting/excited) day at school. I met people from Finland and Italy and they joined my exam preparation class. The lessons were (9: challenging/challenged) and they enjoyed it. I always feel great when students enjoy my classes. I hate (10: boring/bored) lessons.
After I had finished my lessons a few of us teachers and students from school went to an African dance show at the Artscape, the local theatre in town. It was absolutely (11: amazing/amazed)! It was a (12: moved/moving) performance, a combination of contemporary and African dance, poetry, singing and live music with a lot of symbolism. I was deeply (13: touched/touching).


Living in Cape Town is so (14: exciting/excited) and never (15: bored/boring). Tonight was a friend’s birthday party. We went to a salsa club just down the road from where I live and celebrated there. Everyone was still dancing by the time I had to leave. I had been preparing my lessons for tomorrow for an hour and now I am (16: exhausted/exhausting)…zzzzz


It is Friday and the weekend has begun at last! I saw on the news this morning that the weather is going to be absolutely terrific. I am walking up the mountain tomorrow morning with some friends and afterwards we’re going to the beach. I am also taking some students for a wine tasting on Sunday.
There is also a variety of (17: challenging/challenged) things to do for those who are a bit more adventurous; such as bungee-jumping, abseiling from Table Mountain and swimming with (18: scared/scary) sharks! But that has to wait for another weekend!

Lesson by Danica Steyn, teacher at EC Cape Town English language school

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Very good Lesson!!!

Very good Lesson!!!

To be honest

This is a good lesson to judge our knowledge
on adjectives.To be honest,I came out sll correct
only due to experience rather than on usage of grammar

Nice Lesson

I am never bored, using this site. It is never boring!
I am never exhausted using this site. It is so challenging!
I am never tired doing exercises. They are so refreshing!

Have a nice day!

Adjective endings

10/10 I found this lesson highly informative and the quiz above - quite easy. Smile I have never been to Cape Town and South Africa. Furthermore, I've never been to Africa. Smile But I'm dying to visit it, even more now after your excerpt from someone's diary. I read Agatha Christie's "The Man in the Brown Suit" (unfortunately, in translation), it's also about South Africa. I was captivated by her novel Smile Thank you, Danica and Chris.

great lesson

thank you Chris
thank you Danica

Thank You , Chris!!!

Nice Lesson. Smile I made 2 mistakes. Worried Then I've recalled the excellent Lesson about adjectives endings - revised the rules - and made everything without mistakes!!! Hooray!!! Applause
Thank you, Chris, for our education!!! Love Struck

for exercise

its a very good learning style! Applause

one mistake: It was

one mistake: It was absolutely (11: amazing/amazed)

i've not made a single

i've not made a single mistake.

I made three mistakes these

I made three mistakes these stories are very interesting of course.

Tanks Smile

10/10 I found this article

10/10 I found this article quite interesting. The quiz wasn't difficult for me. Thanks for the lesson.

10/10 I found this article

10/10 I found this article quite interesting. The quiz wasn't difficult for me. Thanks for the lesson.