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AWL Academic Word List Test

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There are 570 headwords on this list (proposed by Averil Coxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), which is said to contain the most frequently occurring vocabulary in academic contexts. Starting with the letter 'A', test your familiarity with ten words on the AWL.

Choose the word or expression that differs in meaning from the given word:

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego

Link: What are homonyms?

  • 1. abandon:

  • 2. adaptation:

  • 3. anticipate:

  • 4. achieve:

  • 5. alter:

  • 6. approximate:

  • 7. assess:

  • 8. authority:

  • 9. available:

  • 10. attribute:


It was a hard lesson for me

I made three mistakes, in fact I never knew some of these words. Thanks, Chris, you always give us something interesting.

Very useful for IELTS

I think this list is very useful if you are preparing for IELTS (academic module). Chris, can you give advice on a similare list for the general module? Something like "the most frequently occurring vocabulary in general contexts"?

Very Useful Lesson! -?

Ooooh!!!! It's rather difficult! I guess only 40 %. Worried
Very nice Lesson!There are a lot of words I can't understand. I try to translate and learn them. Thinking
Let's continue - letter B.
Thank you for the lesson Smile
I never abandon this site - I continue to improve my knowledge (?)
My adaptation of new climate is perfect - It is supported by my good health(?)
I anticipate my holidays - I am not startled by adventures...
So I think that these words are not antonyms: that's why it is difficult to do the Exercise. Hypnotized - ???

useful lesson, thanks

useful lesson, thanks

good exerice

it's interesting, I get 8/10 , i'm learning a new vocab , thanks alot