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Bring vs. Take

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What's the difference between take and bring?

A lot of English learners have a problem with this. Here's the answer:


We ask people to bring things to the place where we are. Bring is used in relation to a destination:

"Bring some food to the party at my house."

"Bring your homework to me"

"Please bring your bag here."


We take things to the place we are going to. We take them from the place where we are to another place. Take is used in relation to a starting point.

"I'm going to take some cake to Paul's house for his birthday party."

"Take your dog away from me."

"Please take your bag there."

Confusing Words

  • Can you ___ me to the station?

  • I've ___ my car with me.

  • Would you mind ___ your newspaper over here?

  • She wants you to ___ her away from here.

  • When you come to my house ___ your sister with you.

  • If you go shopping, remember to ___ your credit card with you.


useful task !!!

Very useful lesson - I sometimes mix these words Smug

hi chris many thanks for

hi chris

many thanks for your a lesson a day. it is very practical and necessary for me

as i know, according to a lesson a day, bring is used in relation to a destination and take is start point. i don't understand why people say bring somebody to a court, and court is not where we are.

please send me the answer as soon as possible to the following address:

Hi, We do actually say "I'll


We do actually say "I'll take you to court" meaning that you will take legal action against someone.


So useful...!

This is the first time I know this.
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it's useful for me. Thanks for your lession

take / bring

This is a very useful lesson I made 1 mistake.

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Bring vs. Take

It´s great!!
I´ve got and fixed the difference in a second. Wonderful!!!!

Bring vs Take

Is this correct?

Let's TAKE the dogs to the park but BRING your umbrella with in case it rains.

If it is correct, then WHY the use of BOTH ...BRING & TAKE ...when going to the (same) PARK (place) ie. the SAME STARTING POINT...and the SAME DESTINATION??