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Business English - Departments in a company

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Here is a list of ten departments that can find in a large company or business. Maybe the place where you work has more, less or even different departments. As English is the language of international business communication, it's useful to understand some basic terms.

Match up the departments to what they do.

a - Human Resources
b - Marketing
c - Research and Development
d - I.T. (Information Technology)
e - Maintenance
f - Sales
g - Customer Service
h - Finance
i - Dispatch Department
j - Production Department

Do you work in for company? How many departments does it have? Which department do you / want to work in?

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  • Responsible for taking care of customer needs:

  • Responsible for selling the product/service:

  • Responsible for making the product:

  • Responsible for how a product/service is advertised and promoted:

  • Responsible for hiring new staff :

  • Responsible for the company's computers and network:

  • Responsible for the office/building:

  • Responsible for discovering new knowledge about the product, improving it and creating new products:

  • Responsible for payments, bills and expenses:

  • Responsible for the delivery of orders:



3 mistakes. Smile I haven't known what "Maintenance" department does. Smile
I work in somewhat of "Research and Development" department and I don't want to move to another department, except for, if only, it would be CEO position Smile

Thank you for another one amusing lesson.

P.S. I think it's a typo: "How many departments does IS have?" (supposed to be "it")

Business English

I work at the Maritime Academy at the General English Language Department. The Academy has many departments some of them are Human Resources, Maintenance, Finance and others.

0 errors

In software development special information systems which called issue management systems are used for registering and working with errors (or bugs) in developed software. Bugzilla is one of the famous. I think of it because if there are no registred errors Bugzilla prints a message "Zarro Boogs Found". This joke means that every "perfect" programm can contain errors that we have not found yet.

I work in a consulting company which specializes in implementing of business information systems. And our organization structure comprises of the next departments:
-Human Resources
-Information Technology

As you can see we don't have production and R&D departments. We sell services which help our clients.

I work in IT department

Our company has many departments. I work in IT department. But our IT department divides on other 2 subdepartments, there are dev (developers) and IT (administration). ))

Business is not my business

It was rather difficult for me. I am not good at Business. Worried
But the Lesson is marvelous, thanks a lot! Smile

It is very interesting for me

It was not difficult for me. I didn't any mistakes Wink
I have worked for a big company of many years.
There are all those departments in our company and more...
For example - Planning department, Supply chain department, Logistic department, Purchasing department.

It is very interesting for me to do the task about business.

Many thanks for this exercise!

nice website

2 mistakes only
I am happy