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Choose the correct word

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Take a look at the following ten sentences and decide if the missing word is an adjective, noun or adverb. Many of these word-forms are confused by English learners. 

Well done to anyone who can all ten correct!

Link: Vocab Challenge

Link: Confusing Word Pairs

  • 1 - The taxi drivers in my city are ___ drivers.

  • 2 - The ___ of our passengers is our priority.

  • 3 - Susan writes English ___.

  • 4 - ___ is a big problem in his country.

  • 5 - After the rubgy game the players were covered with ___.

  • 6 - The young boy rode the horse with great ___.

  • 7 - There used to be a lot of ___ in this area, now it's much better.

  • 8 - You need ___ to win money playing cards.

  • 9 - The prisoner was set ___ after 10 years in prison.

  • 10 - ___ I'll get a good exam result and go to university.


chosing the right word

It's really a good exercise
But i found a bit difficult to decide
between difficult and difficulty in the 6th
sentence. Can Chis help with an explanation
on this.

Very nice and useful Lesson.

Very nice and useful Lesson. Thanks a lot!!! Smile
Two mistakes:
DIRT - is rather strange word for me. Worried
TO BE SET FREE - I thought freedom was better. Wink
I like such exercise!!! Smile


i have got 10/10


Thanks for the lesson

It seemed quite easy to me. Hopefully, I will make more mistakes in the coming lessons!

Thanks, Chris, you always give me a chance to feel as if I know English well.

Thank you, very useful

Thank you, very useful review. I've got 10/10.

OoPSs !!

Well, it seems like there is someone who was not concentred, and she pay for it ! Sleepy <<< That was absolutely ME !!
I made 4 mistakes:
#1: I choosed dangers instead of dangerous = splling confusing !
#3: I missed that the missing word is an adverb so I choosed beautiful.
#7: I thought that crime means the action, not the person who make the action.
#9: Now here I need an explantion, why is it free not freely, isn't the part of speach of the missing word is an adverb? and what is the part of speach of the word free??

Sorry for talking too much, as you know , it's one of the most important things that we girls love to do !

Nataly Useful exercise, but

Useful exercise, but I put criminal instead of crime, is criminal also a noun- a man who commits the crime?

It's very useful.Thank

It's very useful.Thank Chris
I made 1 mistake at 9, I 'll be careful in the next time.

Choose right words

Good Lesson..
I completed without single mistake.

Yeah!! ONLY ONE WRONG that I

Yeah!! ONLY ONE WRONG that I won't forget Smile

3 - Susan writes English ___.