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Conditionals - Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

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Using the prompts to guide you, write a suitable response by using a conditional.
Start your sentences with if.

1. "I'm looking for a new red dress."
"If I / see one, I / let / you know."

2. "I left my wallet at home.
"If I / have / some money, I / buy something to eat."

3. "I can't believe how bad crime is in this city.
"If I / be / the mayor, I / spend / more money on security."

4. "Please tell Jim to come and see me."
"If I / see him, I / pass the message / on."

5. "I'm not feeling very well."
"If I / feel better in the morning, I / go to / work."

6. "I think I failed my test."
"If I / have / study more, I / have passed."

7. "I can't find my keys anywhere!"
"If I / find them, I / tell you."

8. "Andrea is very upset with you."
"If I / you, I / apologize / to her."

9. "Do you want to come to dinner with us later?"
"I'm not sure. If I / finish / my homework, I / join / you."

10. "He's so handsome!"
"If he / ask / me out, I / say 'yes'."

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Unable to understand how to

Unable to understand how to do it!!! >:(


would is a possibility,n will is u must ?

1. If I see one, I will let

1. If I see one, I will let you know.
2. If I had some money, I would buy something to eat.
3. If I was the major, I would spend more money on security.
4. If I see him, I will pass the message on.
5. If I feel better in the morning, I will go to work.
6. If I have had study more, I would have passed.
7. If I find them I will tell you.
8. If I were you, I would apologize to her.
9. I’m not sure, if I finish my homework, I will join you.
10. If he asked me out, I would say “yes”.