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Eat Ate Eaten

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Today we review forms of the irregular verb eat

Eat is the present simple.

Ate is the past simple.

Eaten is the past participle.

Very simple, isn't it? Now then, complete the sentences using the correct verb.

Which questions did you get wrong?

Link: Irregular Verbs

  • 1 - What do you want to ___ for dinner today?

  • 2 - I ___ a banana for breakfast today.

  • 3 - Let me finish ___ this sandwhich and then I'll come.

  • 4 - Have you ___ all of the cake?

  • 5 - When was the last time you ___ some fruit.

  • 6 - I always ___ turkey on Christmas day.

  • 7 - I've just ___ pizza so I'm not hungry.

  • 8 - After we had ___ dinner we took a talk around the park.

  • 9 - ___ fish is a good habit to have.

  • 10 - We ___ dinner after we got home.



Without mistakes. It is very simple, I agree with you, Chris. Thank you.

very easy and all correct ..

very easy and all correct .. Smile


With one mistake in sentence number 3. I used "eat"


Eating fish is a good habit to have
Here "Eating" is a gerund
Let me finish eating this sandwhich
Here 'eating' what do we say? Pl help Chris


Let me finish eating this sandwich.
Here finish is a gerund that is used as a direct object instead of the subject.


thanks. it's clear.

I made 2 mistakes, no: 2 and

I made 2 mistakes, no: 2 and 5

No2: It was clear for me, I should look at "for breakfash" it means past time.
No5: I understand that I should look at "the last time" but the question is "When I choose "eating". So why do we use "was" for that question?

Eat Ate Eaten

All correct! It was easy.

easy peasy lemon sequesy


thanks God, no mistakes

who want to practice English with me

one mistake. - N 8

i made one mistake. 8 - After we had EATEN dinner we took a talk around the park. could anybody explain why here must be Eaten and not Ate please.

Eat Ate Eaten

Missed question 5 & 8 but I think I'm improving.

Please, explain question 8.

It Was Easy.

After RIDE-rode - ...Everything is correct! Applause It was easy!
Thank you for the Lesson!!! Smile


This is great Chris but don't you think you could also add some sound samples so that the students can hear the correct pronunciation too? Maybe even get to choose the correct pronunciation?

Hey Sigo! Sound samples are

Hey Sigo!

Sound samples are a great idea - the problem is finding the time Sad



Very nice. It was easy but

Very nice.
It was easy but it was necessary to pay attention at some phrases.
Is there any exercise or topic about uncommon irregular verbs?
For example: undergone, forbid and others?


i enjoyed doing this

i enjoyed doing this exercise.thanks! for this exercise.

easy peasy lemon squeezy..

No mistakes ^_^

i enjoyed it ..

eat ate eaten

happy***** its good to learn this so thaks a lot