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Expressions with Time

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Complete the sentences with these words to make the correct time expressions:

Time Expressions

waste time - to use your time in a bad way doing useless/unimportant things.
have enough time
spend time - pass/use time in a specific way
take a long time
on time - to not be late.
save time

  • 1. You should ___ more time studying.

  • 2. My mother told me not to ___ time playing games.

  • 3. She didn't ___ time to finish her project because she was sick.

  • 4. Please be ___ time for the meeting.

  • 5. We'll ___ time if we take the motorway. It's much quicker.

  • 6. The flight is going to ___ time. Nearly 18 hours!

  • 7. I ___ time to eat lunch before my next appointment.

  • 8. On weekends I ___ time with my family.

  • 9. I hope the bus arrives ___ time. I don't want to be late.

  • 10. Andrew will ___ time to get here. He lives outside the city.


Got them all right:-)

Wow ..i got them all correct!Smile and thanks for the lesson

this lesson is very easy and

this lesson is very easy and joyful . tnx

I did a good job..


This lesson is great. I love

This lesson is great. I love it

Oh noooo! :(

I got some of them wrong!!Need alot of practice! Sad

hey,this is easy one...

hey,this is easy one...