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Find the mistakes in these sentences

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Ten sentences for you today. Each sentence has one mistake in it.

Can you find all ten mistakes?

The correct answers are below the sentences.

1 - She's been living in German for about 5 years.
2 - There was too many traffic on the road to work.
3 - How about buy her a watch for her birthday?
4 - Did you heard that noise?
5 - She forgot to bring her purse with she.
6 - This jacket costed me a lot of money.
7 - I'm to old to go to nightclubs.
8 - She will be here in a hour or so.
9 - Each of these cakes are delicious.
10 - You don't smoke cigars, don't you?

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Hi Chris, Every time when

Hi Chris,

Every time when we have your lesson I immediately recognize your creative style.

I’m really upset that it doesn’t happen constantly as it was couple of years before.

Of course I can get my head around it, but still miss your lessons.

Looking forward for new lessons.



Agree with you  

Hey, you two are making me

Hey, you two are making me blush!

Perhaps I should come out of lesson writing semi-retirement!