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Homonyms - Words that have more than one meaning- 'Spirit'

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The key to understanding the humour in this cartoon is the word ‘spirit’. ‘Spirit’ is an example of a ‘homonym’: a word which has the same spelling and a pronunciation as another word, but with a different meaning. In this case, ‘spirit’ can mean ‘a ghost-like spirit’ or a ‘hard type of alcohol’, for example, whiskey or vodka.

Another example of a homonym is ‘left’

1)  Left is the opposite of right

2) I left my money at home.




Nice lesson! But where are another homonyms? Where are the exersices? Big Grin


I am not native language so how can i realize other similar case?

Funny amuzing lesson

A funny amusing lesson and cartoon above.
I think the following words are also homonyms: like, blue.
To like something and to look like someone.
A blue dress and to feel blue.

Thank you

I feel happy to see the sea.

I feel happy to see the sea.