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House Idioms

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Here are some idioms which all use the word 'house':

A house of cards

An organisation or a plan that is very weak and can easily be destroyed:

'Although the organisation looked solid it turned out to be a house of cards.'

To get on like a house on fire

If two people get on like a house on fire, they like each other very much and become friends very quickly:

'My neighbour and I got on like a house on fire from the first time we met.'

To put your house in order

To solve your own problems:

'Put your own house in order before you start giving me advice.'

To be as safe as houses

To be very safe:

'Don't worry, I've parked your car in my garage - it's as safe as houses in there.'

To go round the houses

To waste time saying a lot of things that are not important before you get to the subject you want to talk about:

'There's no need to go round the houses, just tell me what's wrong.'

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  • Those shelves I made are strong. They're as ___ as houses.

  • My sister and my wife get on like a house on ___.

  • After a difficult year he's finally starting to ___ his house in order.

  • When talking about sensitive subjects, people often go ___ the houses.



interesting lesson.
I like it so much, and I didn't have any mistakes.

it was as a piece of cakes :\
thanks a lot

House idioms

Thanks a lot. I was just wondering about the roots of the "get on like a house on fire". What was the original meaning? Does it mean that two persons become friends very easily while their house burning?

Or "house on fire" has another meaning?

Please, don't "go around the houses", tell me directly.
Another idiom for "going around the houses" is "to beat around the bush".

Thanks a lot! Have a nice day!


It was interesting and easy!
Thanks. Smile

nice lesson

thanks Smile

Interesting new idioms, in

Interesting new idioms, in Russian there are some familiar expressions, thanks a lot

i won't go round the houses

really, it was a nice lesson and i liked it.
Thank you. Smile