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How to use Play, Do and Go

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'Do yoga? Play yoga? Go yoga?'

We use the verbs play, do and go with sports and activities. Here is the information you need to know to use them correctly:


Play is used with ball sports or competitive games where we play against another person:

'How often do you play tennis?' - tennis is a ball sport.
'I play poker with my friends on Friday night.' - poker is a competitive game. We play to win.
'I don't like playing computer games.' - again, computer games are competitive so we use play.


Do is used for a recreational activity or a non-team sport that does not use a ball:

'I heard that you do karate.' - karate is a non-team activity.
'I do crossword puzzles in my free time.' - crossword puzzles are not competitive.


Go is used with activities that end -ing. We go somewhere to do something:

'I'm going fishing on Sunday.'
'Are you going skiing this winter?'
'She said she was going swimming.'

Now choose the correct verb to complete each sentence:


Learn Football English

  • Do you want to ___ hiking with me?

  • Have you ever ___ ice-hockey?

  • I find ___ yoga to be very relaxing.

  • They ___ sailing yesterday.

  • ___ chess is a good mental excercise.

  • She ___ aerobics at the gym.

  • I ___ athletics at school.


thank you, I like this task

thank you, I like this task Smile

i like this task.please

i like this task.please reply me.i would like to introduce myself first.i m a nurse.i m learning english beginner.sometime i do mistake u correct me.This is the first time i write to u.thanks.i m waiting ur reply.

Hi Kyikyimar

I'm glad that you liked it. Enjoy the site!

It's very clear.

It's very clear. Applause


this very nice and easy lesson, thanks Call Me


It's very interesting this lesson.
I must admit that I wronged the last point since I see athletics as a competitive sport.Precisely I think that athletics is:

a)Competitive-not recreational
b)non-team sport that does not use a ball

The assuntion in a. led me to choose "PLAY"
But the assuntion b. would have led me to choose "DO"

Maybe the assuntion in a) is uncorrect and I must revise my opinion. Worried

I feel the same as you, also

I feel the same as you, also by doing karate, it is competitive because you cann't do karate without an opposer.

This lesson so useful for me

This lesson so useful for me ! Thanh you so much !
But I wonder why the last question use do not play ???
Help me !


thanks to give us this exercise.
it is good for us who want improve english

thanks and keep do more for us Applause

thank you very much! That's

Cool thank you very much! That's great!

Do play go

That's great indeed!

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I did it again!

Rolling On The Floor Nora


I'd like this lesson. It's really useful to me.

how to use play, do and go

I have been reading writing and conversing in English for many years. I am ashamed to see that I erred in the last question. It is realy good. I like this lesson.

I don't go alone there!

I used to go horse-riding Day Dreaming Party 2 per month with my friends. Sigh

I don't go alone there!

I used to go horse-riding Day Dreaming Party 2 per month with my friends. Sigh

Very good explanation,

Very good explanation, that's why it was easy to do this exercise. Thanks a lot!!!

Nice and thanks for given

Nice and thanks for given information to us.

Thanks indeed

I've made it 100% thank you for this lesson, it was useful for me

yours Ahmed G from Libya

Green light... :) ..BUT I

Green light... Smile:)
..BUT I sure if I haven't read the lesson, I won't do it without any mistake!

thank you

what about kung fu?