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How to use Would

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'I would love to travel the world.'

would for unreal situations

The word would is used for unreal or imagined situations:
'I would love to visit New York.'
'She would like to be professional footballer.'
'We would go, but we are too busy.'

would as a past tense

would and wouldn't are the past tense of will and won't. Let's look at an example of this using direct and reported speech:
Andrew: 'I will be late.' (direct speech)
'Andrew said that he would be late.'(reported speech)

would in conditional sentences

Would is used again for unreal or hypothetical situations in the 2nd and 3rd conditionals:
2nd Conditional: 'If I won the lottery, I would travel the world.'
3rd Conditional: 'If I had worked harder, I would have passed the test.'

would not as 'to refuse'

Wouldn't (would not) is used to show that someone refused to do something:

'I asked him if I could borrow his car, but he wouldn't lend it to me.'

would for past actions

Would can be used to talk about actions that repeated in the past. It is used in the same context as used to:
'When I was young I would do my homework every evening.'
'In the summer we would always go camping.'

Using 'wish' for past regrets


Please help me.

What are the correct sounds of Short and long vowels a, e , i, o, u?

How to use would.....

Dear Mr. McCarthy,
A very useful lesson but no practice. Ps. try to post an exercise.

Another use of would

Excuse me, may be I am wrong, but...

"Do you want some coffee?" - "Yes, I would like to have some coffee".
Here is not unreal situation. "Would" is often used for polite conversation.

"Would you give me some more? Would you pass my message to your boss?"
Here we can say "Will you give me some more?" but "would" sounds more polite.

would and could

Hi Chris,

I like this topix! Thank you!
Here are my request.

1)Would for unreal situations
Could you give us some more example?

2)Would and Could
I am always comfused between would and could,
I also want to see some example about this.



If we had practiced this topic, we would have learned English better.

Delroy said, that he(she) would be glad to get some exercises.I join in.

We would grate English speaking students, but we haven't enough practice.

I would like to travel the world.

I would like to travel the world.

How it's could be:past tense

How it's could be:past tense of will and won't-will and won't is an indicator of a future tense . This statement really confused.I would like to get some explanation.
Thank you in anticipation, Ludmila.

I made some examples for

I made some examples for this topic . Is it looks right?
1.I would like to speak English fluently.
2. Mark said that he would bring money tomorrow.
3.If I given some money for my son he would buy a condominium.
Had we payed more , we would have had a better house.
4. They wanted to get a loan, but a bank wouldn't to give to them.
5. My husband would practice play accordion about 6 hours every day.

no exercices

It is very nessesary information, but it's a pity we have not practice. Whare are the exersices?

Usage of Would

I heard many people said: I would say....
What "would" here means?

very good lesson, but why

very good lesson, but why there isn't some exercises to do.

examples with would

1. when i was young i would get up early every morning.
2. he said that she would go with him to travel American.
3. i asked her if she could help me to solve all the outstanding works, but she would not say anything.

Thanks for the good lesson,

helped me a lot.

helped me a lot.

Even though I've been

Even though I've been learning English for over than 3 years, however I still face a problem with the difference between Will and Would. I know that would is the past tense of will and would is softer than will and it's used in imaginary situations but in some cases
I really don't understand why would is used instead of will

For instance I read one in an English book the following sentence:
Reach is the percentage of target audience that would be exposed at least once.
I don't know way the writer used would instead will!
Another sentence:
I would be surprised if Sue is guilty.
Also in the previous sentence why would is used?

hey i read ur sentence I

hey i read ur sentence I would be surprised if Sue is guilty. Also in the previous sentence why would is used? i can clarify u as u knw dat would is used for unreal or imaginary situation so here in this sentence unreal condition is applied as u would nt sure whether sue feels guilty or not.


hi hemlata. u got best thing from here. thanks for sharing your views with us. as they helped to you as we will try to get maximum from them.


hi hemlata. u got best thing from here. thanks for sharing your views with us. as they helped to you as we will try to get maximum from them.

Could anyone explain the usage of "would be "

The below sentence describes the past action that happened with my friend everyday during my college days.
He recollected the memories and mention the same as below in his recent letter.Here, I want very clearly to understand the usage of would be .Please help me to dispose of this doubt.


Thanks VP

use of could and would

i dont know how to use this


The lesson is interesting but no worthily without exercise.
Could you please post the exercise....


i am back for doing my best. this is essential for us. i will try to learn this language.

would you like

how to use "would you like" in wh question?

is it correct?

what do you would like ?

I'd like make question about kind of ticket

Uses of 'would'

Could anybody explain me the use of 'would' as follows:

Would to God, may you recover soon.

Straight to the point.

Straight to the point. Finally some in-depth lessons on the 'would' word usage.
Nice job!

Hi I like this lesson, but i

I like this lesson, but i need more explanation about 'would' in unreal situation Eg: you would say
In case of modals of lost opportunity i have seen 'i would have '
Please make more notes about this.
I have seen in other sites about would with conditionals etc.But i need more examples of would in unreal situations.Please tell us what is the difference happen if would is not used in this sentences also. Please include practical questions also.Awaiting your reply.Thanks


It has been very complicated for me a word "would"

Please send

I want to learn use of would.Could you send me many types of example and its meaning clearly.


Wouls is used with all subjects. it is used for past habitual action just like used to . the only difference between used to and would is that, would cannot be used with past hapenings. it can only be used for repeated action in past. there is no present and future form of would in past habitual action.

Plz give me some more

Plz give me some more examples