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Idiom of the day: Lips are Sealed

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his lips are sealed

Today's cartoon is about the idiom someone's lips are sealed:

When you promise to keep something a secret you say my lips are sealed. It's something you say to let someone know that you will not tell anyone else what they have just told you.
"Don't worry, Joseph. I won't tell anyone what you told me. My lips are sealed."

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Laugh a minute! Merry

Smile Laugh a minute! Merry cartoon.

"My lips are sealed" - You can also say: "Your secret's safe with me".

My example: He is the most reliable person. If you tell him a secret, his lips will be sealed.

Thank you, Chris.

To Glue or To Clue

Sometimes it's rather difficult for me to keep my lips are sealed. Wink
Thanks for the idiom. Smile

My lips are sealed

Who wants to have a friend whos lips aren't sealed for all...? Smile


we have a similar idiom in

we have a similar idiom in arabic 'your secret in a deep well'