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Idiom of the day: Stand in the way of someone / something

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Today we take a closer look at two meanings of the idiom: stand in the way:

Stand in the way: to stand in the pathway or movement of someone or something.
"There were some people standing in my way so I couldn't get through the door."
"You parked your car in the way of that truck. It can't get past."
"Several people stood right in my way, so I couldn't move."

Stand in the way: to try to stop or prevent something from happening.
"You know I won't stand in your way if you want to apply for a job abroad."
"I'd never stand in the way of her plans."
"You can't stand in the way of progress."
"She plans to become a doctor and no one had better stand in her way."

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Now write your own example sentences!


stand in the way

If you want to do this job, i won't stand in your way.

I'd never stand in the way of your plan, only if that's right.

stand in the way

I want to be able to speak English more fluently and nothing is going to stand in my way!

Ahmed S.Gharouda

I'll crush every thing want to stand on my way to the success. Thanks a lot EcEnglish about every thing and if you don't mind I want you to invite me to your school


Oh, it's easy!!!
It's rather difficult to stand in the way when my son rides the bike.
I can't stand in the way when my daughter decides smth, she is so stubborn.
thank you for the Lesson!!! Smile

idiom to be known

Nobody can stand in our way if we are determined to make preogress in
achiving our Goal


Once I make up my mind about my future, no one had better to stand in my way, especially my parents.

Julien Mottet

Idiom of the day

Laugh a minute!!! I wouldn't like to stand in the person's way if this person operates such a threatening vehicle as an army tank. Smile

 It's frustrating when you

 It's frustrating when you find everyone standing in the way of your dreams.

I couldn't stand on her way, she is too fat.

I want to learn english and

I want to learn english and no one can stand in my way

stand in the way

No one can stand in the way as i decide to marry that man..huhuhu