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Idiom: Not Float Someone's Boat

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If something does not float your boat, you do not enjoy it or want it. When something floats your boat, you like it.

Example Sentences:

"The idea of playing football on a cold winter morning doesn't float my boat."

"Reading books doesn't really float my boat."

"What kind of music floats your boat?"


Kinda confused !

1.Waking up early in the winters doesn't float my float Tongue .Yeah ! indeed
2.Crowded and packed places have always been annoying to me.It just doesn't float my boat.

I am sort of confused between 'not someone's cup of tea','not someone's scene' and 'not float someone's boat.As far as i know not my cup of tea is a british phrase and not my scene is an american phrase.So ,my question is ,does ,'not floats someone's boat' have nearly the same meaning like the above mentioned phrases have ?

I have been so busy lately and sadly I don't frequently visit the site like i always did in past.This is really awful and i have really got to do something.

Float my boat

True, not my cup of tea is a BE expression; however, not my scene is now used in BE (although it comes from AE). As far as I am aware, float someone's boat is used in both. And you are correct: all the expressions mentioned have the same meaning. It's useful to be aware of them all even though you may choose only to use one.

In my opinion, not my scene is the most common expression.

Hope you can see for of you on the site from now on!



Not my cup of tea is pretty cool

Oh ! thank you for clearing my doubt.Now,I know the meaning of all three phrases.

Yeah ! In my nick time i could think of spending some time over here Smile

Cheers !

Floats my boat

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Hi!! I really like this phrase." FLOATS MY BOAT "
Learning english is really floats my boat.