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Learn word forms!

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Hello everyone! Here we're going to show you a good way to learn new words. Let's start with  the word energy as an example. As you probably know energy is a noun and that is means 'the source of power or strength'. A quick way to build up word bank of English words is to identify the other forms of this word:

Energy - noun

Energise (in British English, Energize in American) - verb

Energetic - adjective

Energetically - adverb

So when you find a new word think about all the possible forms that it takes. Instead of learning one word, you'll learn four!

Take a look at the following sentences and choose the correct missing form:

Link: Verb, Noun, Adjective or Adverb?

  • She's very ___ for her age.

  • I'd like to work in ___ .

  • I met a lot of ___ people on my holiday.

  • We want to ___ this prouduct to women.

  • We did ___ research for the project all last month.

  • I ___ that you are not wearing a tie today.

  • All the ___ started to run when they heard the bang.

  • That's an original ___. Let's try it out.

  • What do you ___?

  • The email contained some ___ comments.


nice lesson

all my answers are correct.
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thanks for the first lesson.

Word forms

That's really an original thought.. It helps to enrich our vocabulary.
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Learn word forms!

all my answers are correct


I have answered everythng Correctly..thnk fr providg ths




Thank u very much, it's very useful cos I'm doing FCE next week Smile and these word forms are very important Smile
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it's fun

it's fun . . since i can get it all . . wait for another task_

each day is a new beginning, so, never give up y..

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thank you for your lesson .you are so helpful.



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Thank you for that simple and very useful way to enrich my vocabulary

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Thank you very much. I only begin ot learn English.
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i like this type of

i like this type of exercises thank you


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all my answers were correct thank you very much

I must do it many times , I

I must do it many times , I had
some corrects

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i did great i got only one mistake...........yahoooooooooo

i love such quizes sanx

i love such quizes Big Grin sanx mwahh

more practice:

More practice on this topic:

Thank you for site. Is there

Thank you for site. Is there the end of this practice? Silly

Consider what the advantages

Consider what the advantages of iconicity might be. Someone learning ( online associate degreea new word has to learn three things: the meaning, the form, and the association between the meaning and the form. We have discussed the learning of word meaning, and, in the next chapter, we'll discuss the learning of form. It seems clear from what is known about long-term memory that the more the learner has to go on, the easier it is to remember an association. Say a Speaker (and learner) of our Lexies' language is thinking of the category tiger and trying to remember how to refer to it. If the word-meaning association is arbitrary, the Speaker has nothing more than the concept itself to go on. But if (as shown in the figure above), there is an additional similarity relation connecting the meaning (or an associate of the meaning, the tiger's sound) and the form, the Speaker has an extra path to get to the word form. In fact it is not known if iconicity actually helps Speakers (and learners) in this way; ongoing research should give us some clues.

Thanks for this lesson, it's

Thanks for this lesson, it's fabulous, The first one really surprised me.


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9/10! Some problems with

9/10! Some problems with extensuve researchm but at last I find the correct form.

Thank you!


all of my answers were true.Sorted.
i think my english picks up step by step by virtue of ec english.

glossary of word forms

Energy - noun

Energise (in British English, Energize in American) - verb

Energetic - adjective

Energetically - adverb


like the above example could you please compile a list for word forms