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Linking Words

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Linking words are something that can really help our fluency in English, as they help us to create longer sentences. For example:

I bought a dog.

I bought a dog because I really wanted a pet.

I bought a dog because I really wanted a pet. However, now I wish I hadn't!

Some linking words come in the middle of the sentence:


Whereas some linking words join two sentences and often start with a capital letter:
In conclusion
To summarise

There are many more linking words! Including:
In order to
For example

And more and more and more!

In the following sentences, which linking words do you think complete the sentence?

Today's excellent lesson is by Caroline

Link: How to use Unless and As Long As

  • 1. I didn't have a shower this morning ___ my hair was really dirty all day.

  • 2. I really love driving, ___ on sunny days.

  • 3. I love summer. ___, I hate getting on the underground in the heat.

  • 4. I didn't eat any crisps ___ I ate an icecream!

  • 5. I saw someone applying their make-up ___ they were driving!

  • 6. Emma really enjoys knitting, ___ Mary who hates it!

  • 7. I went to the park ___ I went to the shops.

  • 8. I thought the documentary was interesting. ___, I would have liked to see more interviews.


i got them all right but i

i got them all right but i didn't get what nevertheless

More of Neverthless usage

A good exercise

We need to learn  more on the usage of Nevethless

Whenever I"d like to try Neverthless,I didn't succeed

Unless I grow confidence on English writing, I may continue to have this block

This is a great lesson!!!!

This is a great lesson!!!! :D

 I miss unlike. the rest

 I miss unlike. the rest correct

No mistakes :)

great lesson!

  "Nevertheless" has the same meaning as  "Although" Right???

Useful Linking Words

Everything is correct, except the last sentence :(

Thank you for the Lesson< very useful :)

nice lesson