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'Make' and 'Do' Collocations - pre-intermediate level

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Hi everyone! It's time for collocations today.


Make is generally used for when we create something new.
"When it snows we make a snowman."

Do is generally used for activities.
"I do my homework when I get home."

Choose the correct option and good luck!

By Sebastian E'Silva, teacher at EC Cape Town English School

Link: Collocations - learn correct English

  • 1. I normally ___ my best.

  • 2. She ____ business in the U.S.A.

  • 3. I try not to ____ mistakes in a test.

  • 4. My friend often ____ research for her university.

  • 5. I'm quite fit, I ____ a lot of exercise at a gym.

  • 6. My sister always ____ stupid excuses!

  • 7. My lazy friend often asks me to ___ him a favour.

  • 8. I'm studying hard so I can ___ more money in the future.

  • 9. Can I ___ a phone call, please?

  • 10. My wife normally ____ the cooking, because I'm terrible at it!


Very Useful Lesson

It's a very useful Lesson! I always mix  these two verbs. And now 2 mistakes:(

Great thanks for the Lesson!!! :)


Is it doing or making exercise

I heard people saying that my sister is doing exercises

So. I answered  the 6th question as does

but i found it's a mistake. If possible pl explain 

1 - Where is your

1 - Where is your sister?
"She's doing exercise."

She is doing tells us what is happening at this moment. An action that is temporary and will end soon. For this we use the present continuous tense.

2 - "She does exercise."

She does exercise tells us about her hobby / habit. It describes a permanent situation, which will always continue. For this we use the present simple tense.

 Chris M


  You are right. "Do" is used with "exercise". But there isn't the word "exercise" in the question. Read it again. It is "excuse". ;)

It was helpful lesson

but I don't uderstand why we use "make" in sentense number 9.




it take a lot of time to find the corect answers

I think there is a mistake!!

(Make is generally used for when we create something new.
"I do my homework when I get home."

Do is generally used for activities.
"When it snows we make a snowman.")

The examples are exchanged, aren't they?


I fixed it.

Wow! I can't believe it was like that for so long! It's fixed now.

Thanks a million,

Chris M.

elenita very useful


very useful exercise. I often confuse both these colocations :" make' and " do", probably the best way to know them is learning them by heart.