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Noun and adjective forms

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'She is intelligent' or 'she is intelligence'?

Let's take a look at the adjective form of nouns. These words will help you to build your vocabulary and will, hopefully, stop you from using the wrong word in the wrong context. It makes your English sound very strange when you use an adjective instead of a noun (or vice-versa). Take a look at this, mostly complete, A-Z and then choose the correct words to complete the ten sentences below.

Noun Adjective
Anger Angry
Beauty Beautiful
Craziness Crazy
Danger Dangerous
Ease Easy
Familiarity Familiar
Guilt Guilty
Happiness Happy
Intelligence Intelligent
Juice Juicy
Kindness Kind
Luck Lucky
Misery Miserable
Nature Natural
Offence Offensive
Pain Painful
Question Questionable
Romance Romantic
Strength Strong
Truth True
Ugliness Ugly
Violence Violent
Warmth Warm
Youth Young
Zeal Zealous

Which sentences have mistakes?

  • There's no need to get ___ with me.

  • There is a ___ of him losing his job.

  • He completed the exam with ___.

  • If you didn't do it, why do you look so ___?

  • I put the ___ of my family above all other things.

  • She's the most ___ person I have ever met.

  • To have ___ is important when you gamble.

  • It was nice to see the animals in their ___ environment.

  • I have a ___ in my shoulder.

  • Not everything you read in the newspaper is ___.


an error

"stop you form using the wrong word in the wrong context"----it should be " stop you from..."

Every witch has her own crystal ball.

Good lesson

It is very easy to choose the right answer from two variants. The main difficulty of speaking (for me, for example) is that I cannot create right sentence at once, quickly and freely.

I met the thought that we speak via sentences, and the most difficult part of speaking is to get enough supply of sentences ready to use.

Now and then I cannot get right word from my mind and I cannot create right sentence. Sad

I hope I will speak better one of these days!

how to note noun and adjective

now i still comfuse to use noun and adjective , what can i do with.

same as me

Speaking for me is the difficult part of learning English unless we're living in the English speaking community.


Smile .. you know what we both have the same situation here..I'm having difficulties in creating my own composition in a certain topic because i can't think of an exact words to use for it to become more efficient.. well, i guess all we have to do is to study harder to achieve those thing we want have... Good luck...Smile

problem with noun and adjective

I can't differentiate between noun and adjective

Good lesson

I like to choose and match lessons . Thanks .

perfect but..:(

i got perfect in that exercise!.. but the problem is, i can't create my own composition in a certain topic and i can't express what i really want to say because i cant think of an exact word to use..hahay..


difficult enough to me


I think examples are good but not enough to learn , we need a rule to understand . thanks


I done succesfully


It's rather difficult for me to compare but I try my best, thank you for your tasks.

I have a pain in my

I have a pain in my is correct??? Smile

That's right.

"A pain in my heart" is correct, "a sore heart" is NOT!

nice review

I reviewed my knowledge of nouns and appropriate adjectives. I got all correct taking the above quiz. Thank you

thanks for lesson, this one

thanks for lesson, this one is very useful, before I couldn't understand the difference between the "truth" and "true" in cases when I had to use them. Some examples seem very easy to use, another I will try to remember.

No mistake

i am very happy i made no mistake in this quiz

Great, I make no mistake

Great, I make no mistake Smile

Thanks Chris