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Parts of Speech

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English is commonly separated into eight parts of speech. These are:

Nouns - a thing or a person.
Verbs - an action.
Adjectives - a describing word.
Pronouns - replace a noun.
Conjunctions- words that join clauses, sentences or words.
Adverbs - words that describe actions.
Interjections- short exclamatory words.
Prepositions - link a noun to another word.

It is important to learn what they are so that we can understand how to create correct sentences and use English grammar properly.

In the following sentences, do you know the following parts of speech:

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. Live: I live in a small flat.

  • 2. Mad: My Father keeps getting mad at me lately, I don't know why.

  • 3. Quickly: Run quickly or you'll miss the bus!

  • 4. Eggs: Please can you buy me some eggs.

  • 5. My: Where is my black dress? I can't find it anywhere.

  • 6. But: I like Bogota but I prefer London.

  • 7. On: Please put your books on the table.

  • 8. Ouch: Ouch! That really hurt!


Parts of speech

Yes It's important to know the parts of speech .It was Quite easy,though !

Thanks !

parts of speech

good excercise

Part of Speech

Learn Part of Speech for better understanding in English.

It helps

It helps

Really helping to know in a

Really helping to know in a brief and effective manner.
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Parts Of Speech

Words are classified into different kinds of classes according to their use, according to the work they do in a sentence.such words which are called Parts Of Speech.

They are of eight.



A word that names a person, place or a thing is a Suriya, Raj, Agarwal, Stone, Land, Army, King. A Noun may further denote a state of being like movement,goodness,death etc."Noun is a naming word"


Pronoun is a word that can be used as substitution for a noun. eg: I, we, each, which, what, mine etc.
"Pronoun is a word that substitutes a noun"


It is a word that is used to qualify a noun. It tells us about the quality or state of a noun, or adds something to the meaning of Barking dogs seldom bite.The word barking qualifies the noun dogs"Adjective is a Noun qualifier"


It is a word that decides what the subject should do in a sentence. It denotes the action, possession, condition or experience of the subject.As an obedient wife the verb agrees with its husband (subject), in all terms.

eg: I have something to tell you.
eg: He feels much distressed.
eg: he is doing a splendid job.

" Verb is the action word in the sentence"


adverb is a word that supports or assists the meaning of a verb, an Adjective or another adverb.

eg: She signs so nicely.(assisting a adverb)
eg: he feels much distressed.(assisting a adjective)
eg: he works delightfully.(assisting a verb)

" adverb is a supporter of a verb / adjective / adverb "


It is a word that decides the position of a noun or a pronoun in a sentence. It is a linking word to show the relation with a noun or a pronoun in a sentence.

It's most important remind

It's most important remind these definitions.


You're right. It's useful to be aware of these terms. It makes learning English easier when you understand how the language is put together.

all correct, quite happy

all correct, quite happy

Before you can understand

Before you can understand English,you have to learn parts of speech

It worth knowing that 'mad'

It worth knowing that 'mad' is not a verb. Thank you.


I had 2 mistakes! Sad

good excerise

good excerise

good excerise

good excerise


All true