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Past Tense – Elementary

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The past tense is a verb tense expressing activity, action state or being in the past. In English, there are two types of past tense:

The Past Simple, Past Progressive, Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous are all past tenses.

The Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect are used to link events that started in the past to the present.

Use the correct past tense verb:

  • 1. He ___ (not/ see) it yet.

  • 2. I ___ (go) to Japan last year.

  • 3. She ___ (read) a book when you called.

  • 4. She ___ (get) a divorce before she got married again.

  • 5. Once upon a time, there ___ (be) a hare and a tortoise.

  • 6. He went home after his boss ___ (leave) the office.

  • 7. I ___ (work) really hard today.

  • 8. I ___ (meet) him an hour ago.

  • 9a. The hare ___ (shoot) ahead...

  • 9b. ....and ___ (run) for some time.

  • 10. They ___ (decide) to settle the argument with a race.


I don't agree on N3. It

I don't agree on N3. It seems like she was interrupted on reading by his call, so why the past simple?


After re-reading number 3, I think I agree with you. I have have changed the question.




I've got a question..isn't it better to use past perfect in both numbers 4 and 6 because they happened sooner right?..any way thanks for the lesson.

dear, sarakhanoom

I agree with you as both after and before express two actions. The first is the earlier and we put it in the past perfect and the second in the past.

Simple past tense

It's a good lesson . I did all correct


I dont agree

I dont agree with No4.I think one action occure earlier than another one and we use past perfect.anyway i thanks for your lesson

I agree with

I agree with you!