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Personality Adjectives - 'What is she like?'

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perosonality adjectives

'How would you describe her personality?'

When we ask 'What is she like?', we are asking about her personality/character. 'She is tall' is not a good answer to this question because 'tall' is used to describe appearance.

Just to stop any confusion, take a look at these three questions which look similar, but have very different meanings:

What is she like? This question asks about personality and can be answered with:
'She is outgoing and talkative.'

What does she look like? This questions asks about appearance and can be answered:
'She is short, slim and she has big brown eyes.'

What does she like? This question asks about her tastes, likes and interests. It can be answered:
'She likes talking, reading and eating cheese.' 

Now let's get back to the original question,'What is she like?' Here is an A-Z of adjectives we can use to answer this question:

A- Active: she likes to play sport or do physical things.
B- Bright: she is intelligent.
C- Cunning: she uses her intelligence secretly/mysteriously to get what she wants.
D- Diligent: she is hardworking.
E- Extroverted: she is very outgoing. She likes to be the centre of attention.
F- Funny: she makes people laugh.
G- Generous: she likes to ‘give’ to help others.
H- Honest: she tells the truth.
I- Imaginative: she has a good imagination.
J- Jealous: (negative) she wants what other people have. She doesn’t like others to succeed
K- Kind: nice, gentle and helpful
L- Lazy: (negative) she doesn’t like to work or exercise. She’s happy doing nothing.
M- Moody: (negative) she often becomes angry and unfriendly because she is unhappy.
N- Naughty: (negative): usually for children) her behaviour is bad.
O- Optimistic: she is a positive person and positive about the future.
P- Pessimistic: she is a negative person. She thinks things will end badly. The opposite of optimistic.
Q- Quiet: she doesn’t say much. She prefers to listen.
R- Rude: (negative) she is not polite and she offends people.
S- Sensible: she has good common sense and judgment.
T- Thoughtful: she carefully thinks about other people and how to help them.
U- Upbeat: she is positive and in a good mood.
V- Violent: (negative) she will hurt you. She is aggressive…so be careful!
W- Wonderful: she is great!
X- Xenophobic: she dislikes people from foreign countries. She is racist.
Y- Youthful: she is young at heart.
Z- Zany: she is a little crazy, but in a fun way.

How would you describe your personality and why? Write your answer using the 'comments' button below!

'-ed' and '-ing' adjectives

Comparative Adjectives



Using lots of adjectives shoes that you know a language well. Please give as more exampels like this. Beate

descibing my personality

chinmayee patel

funny, kind, moody, sensible, thoughtful, zany.

What am I look

Wink I'm active and pretty extroverted.I like talking to other people and making a new friendships.I'm optimistic.


I'm sometimes little quiet, but sometimes extroverted, sometimes lazy but still optimistic and wonderful Big Hug


I´m an upbeat person, funny, extroverted, active and I like to help others, but I don´t like people who don´t respect others or who are very tolkative, who like to speak about other one´s life. When I make frien I´m good friend but don´t try to cheat me I became very nervous and our friendship finish, I don´t like violent people and I hate violence and lies.
I hope I described myself well and clear.
Thank you for the opportunitie to learn and to practice my english online.


I am deligent,not extroverted, generous, quiet and somewhat moody. I hate talkative people, voilence, lies and noise.
I thank that i have described myself very well.
Thake you for giving courage and help for practice my english online.


question (beacuse) 'tall' is used to describe appearance.


I m very optimistic and have a helping nature . Im too emotional some times i get in problem because of this.

my personality

I am active,optimistic,and sometimes mooday,emotional.

Thanks to learnenglish. I am able to analyse myself.

my personality

I think I'm so honest and like to be so strait with my self before others.

abt me

I'm active because I like doing sports and watching sport events, especially football matches. Sometimes I like sitting alone and thinking. I rather listen to others than talk. I also want to help others but I'm afraid of bother them. In general, I am combination of many characters Big Grin


i am quit and listerner.and very moody person even i am irrate for other people comment

My personality

I'am a quite person most of the time,generous,thoughtful,kind and honest.

Personality adjective

This exercise is quite useful.
There is not much to say about my personality.
I am active for my age,generous to needy,honest to work,
kind at heart.optimistic towards life and at times a bit zany
on cricket.
May i requst the editor to give the usage of all a-z adjectives
for our guidence.THANKS

about character

I'm pessimistic person and on other hand i'm youthful. I think sometimes everybody can be jealous and lazy, but sometimes we all are hardworking, helpful and thoughtful. It depends of the motivation of your behaviour. But yes, that is more pleasant to meet optimistic, funny and bright person.

I am an introverted person

I am an introverted person but at times I am quite humurous, my colleagues say I am a funny person. I am a kindergarten teacher, I enjoy teaching kids and I a zany to them. LaughingLaughing.

my personality

I am optimis youthfu generous abii zanny i like to have good and sincere friends and above all i hate cheats

My personality

I am very active person, I like sport,therefore I attend a GYM twice a week.I am generous, i like help my friends and others people.Also I am optimistic.Positive thinking is very important to me,it helps me in difficult times.Probably,sometimes I am quiet and prefer to listen.

i am an optimistic, active

i am an optimistic, active and upbeat person.
i like very much spending my days with my parents and my friends because i'm outgoing.i think myself as a cunning but sensible and kind girl.

Funny Generous Honest

Party Funny Generous Honest Imaginative Kind Optimistic Upbeat Youthful
It's me.


Wink I'm BrigHt, FunNy, DilIgeNt, Quiet, OpTImIsTic, YoUthFuL AnD ZaNy..
Batting Eyelashes It's Me..HuHUhU


I am NOT cunning,diligent,jelous, rude, upbeat,violent, xenophobic. And I like this lesson VERY MUCH.SUPER - VERY USEFUL!!!

I am a computer nerd

What am I like? Smug Angel
I am cunning,bright,funny, sensible,upbeat,optimistic,honest,generous,genius,imaginative,active,outgoing and kind. I was talkative but now I am quiet.

What do I look like? Nerd Batting Eyelashes
I am tall and slender and I have big brown eyes and straight hair.

What do I like? Big Grin
I like shopping,swimming and sleeping.

Thanks for the lesson. Big Hug
Have a good weekend! Wave

I'm diligent by

I'm diligent by nature,little quiet and introvert


I am witty, outgoing, bubbly, sensitive, easy going, understanding, forgiving, generous and most of all down to earth and very appreciative. I am South East Asian, with mocha skin, though some others would call it brown. Long black hair, dark brown eyes. I love dancing , badminton , reading, watching interesting programs like CSI, NCIS, Boston Law, Crimminal Minds, House, Shark, Law and Order, and True story movies. I detest, Pettiness, Jelousy, Selfishness, Childishness, Arrogance, Racism, and Rudeness.

Hi Chris its me again Ces, I know this is not a normal request, but it would it possible for you to grade my writing. So I can see and have idea to how am doing with my writing, but if you can't I totally understand. thank you in advance.

what am I like?

well, I'm : Cunning Dont Tell Anyone , Extroverted Angel , Funny Laughing , Jealous Nail Biting , Lazy Timeout , Moody Hypnotized , Quiet Call Me , Zany Party ..

that's me ^^

What am I like?

Agree, those three questions make me confused from time to time.
I am outgoing and like other people, who I make laugh and help. Usually upbeat, I have also good common sense.

I am bright, diligent(when I

I am bright, diligent(when I have to), funny and honest. Do not like violent and rude people.

Personal adjectives

I think I'm a little bit lazy, moody, but easygoing, active, imaginative, honest, extroverted, diligent and tenacious person. Who disagrees with me? Smile


I'm honest and quiet and unfotunately lazy.:)

 I am optimistic

 I am optimistic ,quit,moody sometimes


I would say I'm an honest person. Also kind. I'm introverted, but am optomistic.