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Practice Superlatives

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More practice on making superlatives. Today's lesson continues where yesterday's left off.
Complete these sentences using the correct comparative. Be careful with your spelling.

Today's lesson comes from Nasreen Narkedien, EC Cape Town English school


  • 1. Mt Fuji is the mountain in Japan (big)
  • 2. The continent in the world is Australia (small)
  • 3. Do you know what the river in Africa is? (long)
  • 4. Which one is the ? The Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean? (large)
  • 5. I live in the country in the world! (good)
  • 6. I think South Africa is one of the places to visit (beautiful)
  • 7. The Amazon River is than the Nile River (short)
  • 8. From the top of the Eiffel Tower you can see the view (amazing)
  • 9. Where is the place on earth? (hot)
  • 10. What is the animal you’ve ever seen? (strange)



Thanks to Nasreen Narkedien.


Something is wrong with first answer. I type "biggest" but it shows that it's incorrect. Sad

Correct the first sentence

Correct the first sentence - it is not Wrong!!! Wink
Thank you for the Lesson! Smile

All Correct!

Applause Applause Applause