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Relative Clauses - who, whose, where, which

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Let's take an intermediate level look at relative clauses.

A relative clause tells us which thing or person the speaker means.

"The man who works in the bank is my brother" - 'who works in the bank' tells us which man.

We use who in relative clauses for a person. Who is followed by a verb.
We use whose in relative clauses instead of his/hers/theirs. Whose is followed by a noun.
We use where in relative clauses to talk about a place. Where is followed by a noun or pronoun.
We use which (and that) in relative clauses to talk about a thing.

Use the link below for more detailed information

Link: What is a relative clause?

Complete the sentences using one of the words provided. Also, do you know the answers to the ten questions?

  • 1 - Can you name man ___ was America's first president?

  • 2 - Can you name the country ___ was the birthplace of Mozart?

  • 3 - Can you name British singer ___ sang 'Imagine'?

  • 4 - Can you name the basektball team ___ Michael Jordan won 6 NBA titles with?

  • 5 - Can you name the country ___ Mount Everest can be found?

  • 6 - Can you name artist ___ famous painting is called 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring'?

  • 7 - Can you name scientist ___ discovered radiation?

  • 8 - Can you name the city ___ Barack Obama was born?

  • 9 - Can you name the actress ___ real name was Norma Jeane?

  • 10 - Can you name the country ___ is well known for the tango dance?



It is a shame.
Can you name the country which was the birthplace of Mozart? I couldn't!

9/10 I wasn't accurate! 4 -

I wasn't accurate!
4 - wrong.
It is easy to check:
With which team did Michael Jordan win 6 NBA titles?

Relative Clauses

I made the same mistake that grivna did. I can't name the birthplace of the Mozart, the basketball team where Michael Jordan played and the city where the current American president was born, but he seems to come from Hawaii. Regarding Mozart he was German, it might be some famous city in Germany. And no idea about basketball player, I'm not interested in this kind of sport. Smile


Oh! Shame on me! I just looked up Mozart's background- he's Austrian. Sad he was born in Salzburg.


I am self-satisfied

no 4

The question no 4 was difficult for me too. I'm sure that I won't make the same mistake again.
Thanks for elucidation.

Nice Lesson

It was not easy for me, and one mistake - #4 - It was going to say WHERE, but it is not correct. Worried
It would be better to have answers to these questions for our intellectual development.These answers are worse than grammar - only 50% Wink
Thank you for this nice Lesson Smile


The question about Michael Jordan and his team Smile

i got 10/10

it is avery useful lesson and i passed it easily.
i liked it.

very comprehensive and easy

all questions are very comprehensive and easy to choose answers. but scored
9/10 cause i took all for granted.

however, very nice lesson

thanks a lot

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That's the awesome lesson

10/10, I like it a lot!

Excellent! Got 10/10.

Excellent! Got 10/10.

nice topic


Lucas Mothibe Excellent I

Lucas Mothibe

Excellent I got 10 out of 10


thanks.It was interesting

Nail Biting thanks.It was interesting

Realtive Clause

Hi help me please, I am confused with this sentence: 'The compartment which a zip in it is the center one.'Is this sentence right? Can you use 'which' followed by a quantifier (a)to show possession?. 'Which' should be followed directly by a noun right? Or should you change the word 'which' into 'with'?

Can you use 'whose' both for human and things?