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Ride, Rode, Ridden

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A few days ago we looked at how to use eat, ate, eaten. From what I can see, it was a pretty popular exercise and you must feel that it's important to review the basics.

Let's try another irregular verb, ride.

Ride is the present simple.

Rode is the past simple.

Ridden is the past participle.

Now then, complete the sentences with the correct verb.

How many did you get correct?

  • 1 - How old were you when you learned to ___ a bike?

  • 2 - Did you ___ all this way in the rain this morning?

  • 3 - I usually ___ to work every day.

  • 4 - She only ___ her bikes for exercise.

  • 5 - I'll never forget the time we ___ elephants in Thailand.

  • 6 - When was the last time you ___ a bike?

  • 7 - I've been ___ this bike for years. I should get a new one.

  • 8 - This bike was first ___ by my grandfather 80 years ago.

  • 9 - Start ___ your bike to work if you want to lose weight.

  • 10 - I've never ___ a horse before.


sir help me

i have completed this xercise with no mistake .how can i improve my speaking with fluency and no hesitation and repetation, no grammer error.

Ride Rode Ridden

Without mistakes.
I've noticed a typo in 5, it has to be "I've never forgot...", I suppose.

Thank you, for a new lesson, Chris.


i made one mistake that was in number 6. i am good in writting and reading but i dont know why i cant speak fluently.
thanks for the nice lesson

Thank you, Chris, for new

Thank you, Chris, for new lesson!
It is very important to know tenses of verbs Wink


I was in a hurry, and made some errors, but then I corrected all my mistakes! Worried
thank you for the Lesson, very useful! Smile

little confusing

it's little confusing i got 1 mistake



When I did this excersise, I was very exhausted, so I drawn blank and did one mistake:D

You drew a blank

You drew a blank


Thanks for lessons for free. There isn't many pages like this Smile