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Storm Idioms: 5 for you to learn

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(noun)An extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain and often thunder and lightning.

You probably heard the word storm used to describe weather, like in the definition above. Did you know that storm is also used to describe strong emotions? For example:

"There was a storm of complaints when the boss announced the paycuts."

The idioms below use storm for highly emotional situations.

Kick up a storm

(Also kick up a fuss) to make trouble or to show great annoyance about something because you are unhappy. Usally when it isn't necessary:

"My wife will kick up a storm if I come home late again."

A storm is brewing

There is going to be trouble:

"Have you seen Thomas today? He looks very angry. There's a storm brewing."

Any port in a storm

In an emergency any solution will do, even one that wouldn't normally be acceptable:

"I don't like staying with my brother, but I have no choice until the builders have finished working on my apartment. Any port in a storm, you know."

Weather the storm

To survive a difficult situation:

"The economic crisis is expected to last until the end of the year. We'll all have to weather the storm until the economy gets better."

A storm in a teacup

A storm in a teacup is when someone makes a situation seem much worse than it is. They make a small problem seem like a big problem:

"All the reports about swine flu are a storm in a teacup - it's not as dangerous as they say."

Natural Disasters

  • We'll just have to ___ the storm until the situation improves.

  • It's not as bad as he said. It's all just a storm in a ___.

  • Well you know what they say, 'any ___ in a storm'.

  • The atmoshere in work is terrible. It feels like there's a storm ___.

  • Don't overreact and try not to ___ up a storm.


thank you very much~~~ The

thank you very much~~~

The above lesson is among my favorite.I do learn these expression well but i forgets lessons after passing few brain looks rotten.

My mom always kicks up the storm when i get late at home.Its really annoying.

please help me check if any grammatical mistakes and usage of the phrase.


My Congratilations

I like the explanations of the idioms before the task. That's why I did all correct. But some idioms I didn't know. Thanks. Smile
The singer from Malta had kicked up a fuss before EUVROVISION but it was a storm in a teacup. She got into semifinal. My congratilations. Applause

I like to tell a story like a storm in a teacup.

Thanks for the lesson.

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Wherever you're far away.

storm idiom

A vital set of idioms! There will be a lot of situations to use them. Smile
"A storm in a teacup" = "tempest in a teapot" such a nice paraphrase. Smile In our language we have an idiom "A storm in a glass of water", maybe, that because TEA in our culture surrenders its position a bit (relative to the Great Britain) Smile than the plain glass of water! Big Grin Just kidding.

Thanks indeed

This lesson was just a storm in a teacup

well done


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