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Transport Verbs

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Yesterday had a lesson on adjectives for transport from Sebastian (teacher at EC Cape Town English school). Today we continue the topic, with another lesson from Sebastian, by looking at travel verbs.

We all use transportation in our daily lives, so I hope this English vocabulary is useful to you!

Choose the correct option to complete these sentences.

Can you make your own example sentences using the correct answers?

  • 1. It can be dangerous to _____ a motorbike.

  • 2. Please ______ the car, sir.

  • 3. I want to become a pilot and _____ an airplane.

  • 4. Someday I want to ______ an F1 car!

  • 5. I don’t have my own car, so I often have to ______ a taxi.

  • 6. Oh no! I’ve just ______ the bus!

  • 7. Trains need to _____ on time.

  • 8. When I _____ a bus I always sit by the window.

  • 9. I'm always careful when I ______ my car.

  • 10. I love ______ my bicyle.


Transport verbs

Nice lesson.

1) I used to ride my bicycle every Saturday.
2) If I were a millionaire I would fly my own small plane. Smile
3) I like watching F-1 bolide racing every weekend.
4) Sometimes I take a taxi when it's too late and public transport doesn't ride along the route anymore.
5) In a half cases, when I get to bus stop, it turns out that I miss my bus.
6) I have never driven a car.

Thank you, Sebastian, Chris.


1. It's terrible even to think that I'll ever ride a motorbike.
2. When I was a child, my mother always told me never got in a stranger's car.
3. You must be very brave to fly an airplane.
4. Racing an F1 car was the dream of his life.
5. You should take a taxi, so you won't miss your train.
6. I've never missed my train before, so I didn't know what to do.
7. She is always on time.
8. I saw him while I was getting on the bus.
9. Don't use your cell phone while driving a car.
10. He broke his leg while riding a bicycle.

I like riding bicyle.but in

I like riding bicyle.but in a big city there have more and more cars, buses. so riding bicyle is very dangerous.

My sentences

1) When I lived in the country I rode a motorbike.
2) It's cold now and I prefer to get in a car.
4) My dream is to buy my own plan and fly it.
5) Bad traffic doesn't let you be on time even 6) you race an F1 bolide.
7) You were drunk It would be better if you took a taxi.
8) I should go. I afraid to miss my flight.
9) When It's hot I don't like to get on bus. I prefer to go on walk or ride my bicycle.
10) He likes to work as a taxi driver, because he likes to drive.