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uncountable and countable nouns

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So what's the difference between countable and uncountable nouns?

Let's take a look at two nouns: cars and water. If you stand outside you will proabably see cars passing. You can count these cars 1 car, 2 cars, 3 cars and so on.

Water, however, can not be seperated and counted. We do not say 1 water, 2 waters.

So now we know that cars are countable and water is uncountable.

When we want to count water we have to say, for example, 'a bottle/glass of water' or '1 litre of water'.

Now take a look at the nouns in these ten sentences and decide if they are countable or uncountable.

Link: Non-countable and countable quantifiers

  • 1 - I'd like some more ___ on this product.

  • 2 - Is there ___ pollution in your country?

  • 3 - I don't have any ___ with me.

  • 4 - There is always heavy ___ in the morning.

  • 5 - How ___ people do you live with?

  • 6 - Can I borrow ___ money?

  • 7 - We didn't see ___ on the trip.

  • 8 - There is ___ snow on the mountain

  • 9 - The band has written some great ___.

  • 10 - The news ___ important.


a doubt

lesson on countable and uncountable is quite good,
I could figure out uncountable nouns such as information,
traffic,snow,music,pollution etc.I have a doubt if we use
much before a noun then the noun after much may be uncountable
and if we use many instead of much then the noun must be countable
Am I right? Pl explain, Chris

much / many

Much is used with uncountable nouns.
Many is used with countable nouns.

"How much money do you have?" - ('money' an uncountable noun)
"How many dollars do you have?" - ('dollars' are countable)

countable vs uncountable nouns

Nice review. But there are lots of cases when the answer isn't obvious such as work(uncount), situation(count), accommodation(uncount) and so on. No way to learn them all, only experience and practice. Thank you, Chris.

No vs none What is the difference?

One mistake - with the snow. What is the difference between NO and NONE? Worried Please, explain!!!
Thank you for the Lesson! Smile

Let me try... No means

Let me try...
No means negative answer, not at all, not.
None means no person (none of this people didn't won), nothing, not any,in no way, not at all (it is nothing for me, absolutely none).


Thank u very much for an explanation
on much and many.After posting my earlier
comment on much and many,I had seen your link
to countable and non countable quantifiers.It wss
a good lesson for those who were unable to decode on

superior quiz

all answers are correct except number 3
i don't understand what is the difference between bag and baggage?

thank you.

Hi geofatma, Bag means

Hi geofatma,
Bag means handbag ,purse, wallet, pocketbook. Baggage means a case used to carry belongings when traveling.Got it?
Good luck.

Any baggage , no snow, the news looks,&much pollution and so on

Cowboy Tongue Smug Party No mistake!!!, It was so easy for me. Kiss
Thanks for the lesson. Liar Drooling lol just kidding!!! Nerd

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