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Understanding Conversations

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Fred is being invited by his buddies (friends) Jeff, Nicole, and Selina to go to a soccer game. It has been a while since the four have had an opportunity to spend time together. Read their conversation then answer the questions below:

Jeff : Hey Fred, have any plans tomorrow? Nicole, Selina, and I are all going to watch Manchester United play Chelsea in London. We have an extra ticket. You interested in tagging along?

Fred : You know I’m like the biggest Chelsea fan, right? Count me in! When and where are we going to meet up?

Jeff : We’re going to meet at the bus station and ride to the game together. We’ll leave at around noon.

The day of the game

Nicole : This is so exciting! It’s been so long since we all had a chance to get together. Everyone has been so busy as of late.

Selina : I’m so happy I don’t have to be in the office today. This is such a perfect day to hang out!

Fred : Hey, the game is about to start!

Jeff : Anyone interested in some food or drinks? I’m heading to the concession stands right now. Fred and I have a tradition of getting chips, covered in the hottest sauce possible, every time we come to the game.

Selina : Are you boys down for a competition?… The girls versus the boys… The team that finishes the food first, wins.

Fred : Ohhh, you girls are going down! There is no way that a couple of “ladies” can out eat Jeff and me.

Nicole : As if! Let me remind you that Selina and I finished 3 extra large pizzas last time we all went out. You two “boys” were stuck babysitting a medium!

Jeff : Hey! We had already eaten dinner before we had those pizzas!

Fred : Ohh, free kick ref! Jeff, go get our food already… I’m going to die of starvation!

Selina : Look Fred, I brought my Manchester United scarf! You like it?

Fred : That is so cheesy!

Selina : Oh, you’re just jealous that you don’t have one.

Jeff : Alright, who’s chipping in for the chips? Or is it supposed to be my treat?

Nicole : Here, Jeff. I’ll pay for them this time. By the way, what’s everyone up to later?

  • 1. Where did the group of friends go together?

  • 2. What does "tag along" mean?

  • 3. If you “out do” someone, you..?

  • 4. Which of the following could replace “right” in the following sentence and keep the same meaning? “You know I’m like the biggest Chelsea fan, right?”

  • 5. In the dialogue, what did Nicole mean when she said “babysitting”?

  • 6. What did Fred mean when he said, “I am going to die of starvation”?

  • 7. Are you ___ going to the beach this weekend?

  • 8. Can everyone ___ $5 for Maddy’s birthday present?

  • 9. Your team is ___! Their star player just got a red card!

  • 10. Can you please get me a hotdog and a milkshake at the ___?


hi, this task is difficult

this task is difficult for me. because i am not familier whit that vocabulary. so i can't finished this task perfectly.
tsabit is full spirit

vocabulary- understanding conversations.

except one all my answers are correct. i could not get the meaning of 'babysitting'. quiet interesting but, was a difficult task for me, too.

I've liked that!!!

It was very good!!!

Understanding Conversations

A good lesson.
two mistakes.
I don't understand the answer of question number 4.

Tag Question..

I think no 4 is about tag question.....have you learned about it...?


it's a great lesson..really..i got 10/10..
i almost know none of the new vocabularies
out of the text so i should revise them to learn
actually i need to memorize them in sentences tp learn..
thanx for the lesson chris..i really love it..

All of them are my new vocabs...

Actually, i don't know about those meaning, bcoz all of them are new idioms for me, fortunately i got 2 incorrect answers.....thank you chris

asking for more lesson like this style(colloquial way)

Thank you so much dear teacher.
I got 9/10. only number 4(tag question). Actually I'm still wondering why option 1 is correct. Could you please shed the light upon this?
"You know , I'm like ....... Right?
in the main sentence the verb is "to be" verb so the tag question must be in to be form, Isn't it????????????????

Thanks for your kindness

Right as a Question Tag

Think of it this way:

“You know I’m (like) the biggest Chelsea fan, right?”

You know, don't you? = Do you know?

The auxiliary verb is 'do'.

somewhat ok

i dont know some vocabulary.its very difficult to understand but i able to attened and got 6 right..