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Upper-Intermediate English tenses test

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Today's lesson is for high / upper intermediate English students.

Time to take a careful look at the structure of some English sentences. This exercise will help you review English tenses. As I mentioned already, read the sentences carefully for clues on which tense should be used. There's also a phrasal verb question in there, too (see number 3).

Make sure you leave a comment letting us know how you did and questions if you need help. Always reply to the comments which you know the answers to. Be kind - help your classmates!

Good luck, everyone.

Link: Find the mistakes...can you?

  • 1 - Tom will ring you as soon as he ___.

  • 2 - They ___ by the time we arrived.

  • 3 - Let me ___ to you have more information

  • 4 - Before I moved to Paris, I ___ in Lyon.

  • 5 - Trying ___ smoking is a very hard thing to do.

  • 6 - ___ in England for so long, her English is great.

  • 7 - The train ___ from platform 8 goes to Liverpool.

  • 8 - They ___ for you to decide.

  • 9 - The traffic was ___ heavy he was late for work.

  • 10 - Rice is often ___ at weddings.



Nice lesson and I did it without mistakes. I would like to have a lesson about this strange and unknown to me form of gerund: "Having lived". I heard that it existed but I couldn't use it because I didn't know how and when. Thank you in advance.

10/10. Great! Nice test as

10/10. Great! Nice test as always.


Let me ___ to you have I have more information

It seems to me, that "have I have" sounds wrong. It might be better "when I have".
What do you think?


Hey really its worthy.It will help to improve a lot.

Phrasal Verb

My mistake is phrasal verb - I hate them!!!! :&
But the Test is marvellous! Applause
Thank you for the Lesson! Smile

Hi Yura,

Never say so. If you hate phrasal verbs, they night hate you in their turn, Just take them as they are. They are not good or bad, they are just... phrasal verbs!

Take care of yourself!

Hi grivna, You are

Hi grivna,
You are completely right!
My granddaughter sometime said that she hate subtraction and I replied exactly as you. And it works!


It was a nice exercise!Next time,give us a harder one Tongue


The grammar exercise is really good.

Awesome Lesson

Applause It is really a great lesson. I need more lessons ...

good lesone

I love thease questions

Great Questions

You really have great questions and i found a little bit difficulty to do these.Though i only made 1 mistake, i don't undertand the meaning for many questions:
1. try to do sth and try doing sth. i totally forget their differences.
2. Let me get back to you have more information. Should it be "let me get back to you when i have more inforamtion"?
3. why should people throw rice at weddings? Is that some kind of traditon?

Try TO DO = make an effort (

Try TO DO = make an effort ( I'll try to do what I can)
Try DOING = do it to see if it helps you ( I can't find where to live "Why don't you try putting on an advertisment)
In this case TRYING is a gerund and it is the subject of the sentence.



one mistake with number 7

one mistake with number 7

omar It's difficult lesson i

It's difficult lesson i have 8 mistakes,i didn't know what get up ,get back means

Great :)

 I think it´s a great exercise!! It would be great if you added more of these to the site. :)



It's a very nice test to

  It's a very nice test to know my English level.

I agree

I agree...It's very helpful...^^

made mistake

Made mistake at no. 4,7 and 9 .I didn't do it well . :(

Thanks .

Verb tenses

- I enjoyed the test to the fullest, since I got 10/10 without any difficulty.

past simeple vs past perfect

I have some doubts about n°4 having the right choice of answers. If we say "before I moved to Paris I lived in wherever", well this is a more spoken english sentence to me. Therefore, that it is not 100% correct. To be best-structured in terms of action sequence, there should be an answer with past perfect. "Before I moved to Paris I had lived in wherever".