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Using the prefix Post-

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Prefix: an placed before a base or another prefix, as un- in unkind, un- and re- in unrewarding.

Post-: a prefix meaning after or later than

Here are five examples of prefixes using post-:

  1. Postpone (verb): "She decided to postpone her vacation until next year."
  2. Posthumous (adjective): "This is a posthumous album by Michael Jackson."
  3. Postnatal (adjective): "There's a good sytem of postnatal care for mothers in my country."
  4. Postdate (verb): "I'll postdate this cheque until the end of the month when I get paid."
  5. Postmortem (noun): "They had a postmortem to find out how the wan was killed."

Now use the numbers next to the words to match them with the correct definitions below:

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Link: Learn English Noun and Adjective Endings

Link: Prefixes Using 'Re'

  • To write a date on a document that is later than the date on which you are writing it:

  • To delay an event/plan until a later date/time:

  • Relating to the time period after a baby is born:

  • A medical examination of a dead person's body in order to find out the cause of death:

  • Happening after a person's death:



It wasn't easy as it seemed. Worried
I liked this Lesson. Thanks a lot. Smile

good lesson!i like

good lesson!i like it.thanks:d


I really unable to make out the exercise
that you have given for us. I think it's better
to give an example so that i can follow with ease

Hi altaf,

I want to give you an advice. First, look up in the dictionary and make sure that you understand well all of the words: "postpone", "Posthumous" etc.

Then, try to find the description of the word below.
For instance, "To delay an event/plan until a later date/time" means to postpone, so the right answer to that question will be 1 (as "postpone" is number 1).

If you could not guess the right answer, try another one and than press "Check answers" button again.

It is not at all complicated.

Have a nice day!

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The English make people success every where its important for every one thanks for sharing,
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Yippie, I do it perfect. All

Yippie, I do it perfect. All is correct. I never think I can answer all and correct. However, it is pretty hard either. If we don't really understand the concept of prefix post- and when to use it, it will be more difficult. -

Strangely enough, the

Strangely enough, the prefix, which means a syllable which comes before the main word (legible - readable; il (prefix) legible - unreadable, actually means after. A post mortem is an examination carried out after death. A.m. - Ante (before) meridiem means before noon ; p.m.- post (after) meridiem means after noon. Meridiem being the middle of the day - noon.