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Verbal Expressions - There is/are - It is

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Complete the following sentences using the correct phrases from this list. Do not type in the phrase; type in the number next to each phrase.

1 - It was
2 - It will
3 - There were
4 - It is
5 - There are
6 - It has been
7 - There is
8 - There has been
9 - It will be
10 - There will be

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  • A - I think ____ snow next week.
  • B - ___ raining, hasn't it?
  • C - ___ a lot of rain here recently.
  • D - ___ sunny yesterday.
  • E - ___ a lot of people at tomorrow's concert.
  • F - ___ a long way from here to London.
  • G - ___ some coins on the table yesterday.
  • H - ___ raining at this time tomorrow.
  • I - ___ a lot of animals in this zoo.
  • J - ___ a great sale on in at this store at the moment.


Verbal Expressions

All correct. Thank you.

Verbal Expressions

One mistake in sentence B.
good lesson


Efficient Verbal Expression

Wonderful exercise!!! Everything is correct!!! Applause
Thank you for the Lesson! Smile

Verbal Expressions - There is/are - It is

I got 6/10, hope I'm getting better?

Amazing! I am a beginner in

Amazing! I am a beginner in English and hit them all.

Verbal expressions

I got no mistake. Good lesson


Verbal expressions

Thanks a lot of for your effort as giving check answer option. excellent!!

Thanks for the lesson! PS.

Thanks for the lesson!

PS. There is a misprint in I-sentence: "animlas"