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Ways to say hello and goodbye

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 Here we take a look at some set expressions we use in spoken English to start and end conversations.

ways to start a conversation

You probably know and use the question 'How are you?'

You can also use these in casual spoken English:

'What's happening?'

'How's it going?'

'What's up?'

'How have you been?'


Here are some typical responses to the above questions:

'What's happening?'
'Not much.'

'How's it going?'
'Not bad.'

'What's up?'
'The usual.'

'How have you been?'
'Pretty good.'

ending a conversation

These are expressions that we use when we want to show that are about to end the conversation.

'I've got to be going.'

'It's time I made a move.'

'I really must be running along.'

'Is that the time? I've got to go.'

'It's time I left.'

'I've got to get back to... work/school.'

saying goodbye

Saying 'goodbye' is a simple way goodbye! Here are some other simple and casual ways to say it, too.

'See you later.'

'Catch you later.'

'Take care.'

'Ta-ta','Ta-ra' and 'Cheerio' are all very common in casual in British English.




They all helps~ Thanks a lot

They all helps~
Thanks a lot ^^

Ways to say Hello and good bye.

It's very help full for me and I'm very glad to know those, cos' some of those are new for me. Thanks a lot.

Very Important lesson

we have problem with conversation how we start but now we are better.

Easy lesson usefull lesson

I love this Language. Anas Legend

its so cool

very useful lesson.thanks a lot.


Where be the translation for Portuguese?

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a gud one.

in casulal in

...comman in casual British English.


very helpful, thanks

Thank you Chris.

Thanks for useful sentences. Smug

How's everything going?

I see, not bad! You give us a useful lesson a day and support with explanations. I'm highly grateful to you for your help. I hope I'll improve my English notably soon.

Read you later. Smile Take care.

We always think what or how

We always think what or how to say we are leaving.There are some occasions or situations in life when we have to leave the place or home and we think how or what to say when we are leaving apart from bye.We cannot use always bye in all situations.I am learning how to say goodbye in English,what to say when leaving by watching videos like this