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What are conjunctions of time?

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A conjunction is a linking word such as and, or, but.

Conjunctions are used to connect words or sentences.

The words before, after, as, when, while, until, since, are also conjunctions. They tell when something happens, so they are called conjunctions of time.

For example: "Maggie could play the piano before she was five".

Use these conjunctions of time to complete the sentences:

while, before, as, when, since, until

Lesson by Amanda, Cape Town English school

  • 1. Look both ways you cross the street.
  • 2. Joe listened to music he was doing his homework.
  • 3. Miss Lee was smiling she walked into the class.
  • 4. Wait here I come back.
  • 5. Don't leave you've finished your work.
  • 6. Tran saw an accident he was walking home.
  • 7. Take all your belongings with you you leave the plane.
  • 8. Joe first met his wife he was studying in London.
  • 9. Tom and Joe have been friends childhood.
  • 10. I always brush my teeth I go to bed.



Incorrect at no. 3,6 and 7 .I need to practice a lot 

A very good exercise 

Thanks :)



Thanks for today's lesson,

Thanks for today's lesson, Amanda.

I think some of these questions may take more than one correct answer.

Which questions do you think they are and why?

Leave your comments below, people!

Let's talk about it


not certain

 I reckon ,no. 7 can take "before" and no.3 can take "when"

 I'm not certain about no. 6 but it may take "when"

 Correct me if i'm thinking wrong  

I agree

Agreed - I think we can give you 2 extra points there! ;)



 yaaay...i got 2 extra points :D  ;)

 Thanks <:P

Thank you

 in no.5 can we write before?

and in no.6 can we write when ?

I made them correctly except these two sentences(5&6)..


thank you and have a nice day =).. 



These are my mistakes;( Conjuctions are more difficult for me than prepositions

Thanks for the Lesson!:)


Do conjunction as and when are different?
When to use as and when?