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What is strange about this paragraph?

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'This paragraph is unusual. What do you think is wrong with it. It looks slightly odd as you look at it. Is it grammar? No, this grammar is OK. Is it vocabulary? No, this is OK too. What is wrong with it? Look again and think hard about what is not right. Can you work out what is wrong? If you can, you did good. Good luck!'

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Link: Put the sentences in the right order


Sorry I don't understand the

Sorry I don't understand the puzzle Confused

oh This is difficult.

This difficult but the answer it is so easy...

I love this Language. Anas Legend

is my answer right??? : /

The whole paragraph doesn't contain alphabet 'e'.

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Click on 'show answer' to find out the answer.

Well, I don't think that I'm

Well, I don't think that I'm a stupid one, but it looks as if something wrong...
I clicked and re-clicked and what? Please, give me just the direct and clear answer. What's the matter with E?
Many thanks Smile

Do you speak English

The E of English it's on the wall!It's not on the same plane as "nglish"

Well, may be the answer is

Well, may be the answer is on the surface. The word English is marked with capital letter (but it's okey when we use adj referring to the languages), but the word itself catches our eys as it's in a big font. And first we read English and then Do you speak - so we can understand under English not language but people and in this case it will have a funny meaning. Am I right?

i dont understand.

i dont understand.


I also don't understand???


this is strang Idid not think like this I surpraised from the answer
but I thank U for this nice puzzle


Hello, so many people don't understand the conundrum, so please give the direct answer. Thanks

Remeber, to find the answer

Remeber, to find the answer to why the paragraph is unusual click on 'show answer'. Thanks, Chris

Hello, it looks as if we

it looks as if we speak about different things, as I all the time think about the inscription on the window - Do you speak English?
However it seems that you mean the paragraph itself. Honestly this task was a bit strange, cause as I understand right this time the paragraph includes the task itself and indeed there is no letter E. Am I right this time?

Help me!

It's no so tragic as it could seem from the subject but I don't understand what's the meaning!The problem is that I can't mark as complete if I will not receive a kind explanation.

Again about the puzzle

In my opinion what is strange in this picture is that the font size is not correct. What I mean is that English is too big with respect to Do you speak.

I understand!

the E of English is not actually in it!Indeed the E belongs to the wall!It is on another plane.

I can solved the problem

I think that problem here is the logicalness Party .
If you can read the question, that is mean you can speak English, therefore the answer is YES, ofcourse. No way! Big Grin
If you can not read it, you can not answer anything! Not Talking
Assume, that question is unuseful! It is not necessary! Rolling On The Floor

I click on 'show answer' but

I click on 'show answer' but I cannot understand why you said there is no 'e' in the paragraph. Aren't the words 'speak' and 'English' got 'e' in them? Confused

Maybe,the picture is not

Maybe,the picture is not relate to the question.
Just think simply.Not "e", so it is wired.
I don't like this P

I dont understand this..even

I dont understand this..even i saw the right answer..i still cant understand Sad( Help please explain it more.............

I like this puzzle!!!

I like this puzzle!!! Sometimes we write sentences without one letter which is very popular in language, sometimes write everything beginning with one letter. Thanks for the task but I didn't guess Hypnotized

one more thing

At first,i try to find the problem in the paragraph,about form,vocabulary,grammar...i see that all of them are ok.I do not understand until i click on show answer,it is new information.
I don't pay attention on appearance of letter "e" in lots of Enghlish ưords seem appear on most of Enghlish paragraph,so i don't know that!
It is so fun and useful!
Thank so much!

good lesson though I didn't

good lesson though I didn't get the clue, may be because I tried to associate a picture and a paragraph .... Confused