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What's the difference between I and Me?

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Both I and me are personal pronouns.

I is a subject prounoun and it's used for the subject of the sentence. He, she, we, it, they and you are also subject pronouns.

"Hugo and I work in the same office"  - 'Hugo and I' are the subject.


Me is an object pronoun and it's used for the object of the sentence. Him, her, us, it, them and you are also object pronouns (you can be both a subject and object pronoun).

"Lisa bought Amanda and me a drink" - 'Lisa' is the subject, 'Amanda and me' are the object.


Link: Test your Pronoun knowledge!


  • Tom and ___ are leaving soon.

  • "Who broke the window?" "It wasn't ___."

  • Is there any mail for ___?

  • She invited __ to her house for dinner.

  • He asked if ___ had seen his new car.

  • Please reply to ___ as soon as possible.

  • It looks like ___ will have to find a new job.

  • My father gave my sister and ___ some money.


Very interesting lesson

I, for one, like it very much. It gave me a lot of confidence!


You seem to know English very well, Grivna. If you ask me, you're more than right to be confident.

Hi pitchpotch,

I wish I knew English as a native speaker, this is my dream. Written English is a little easier than spoken one.

When I start to speak I make lots of mistakes, and of course, this terrible thing as pronunciation Smile

Anyway, thank you for the kind words, hope we are doing well!

Hello grivna,

I have to agree with you. It's more difficult to carry on a conversation in English, rather than making an essay. The only way we are going to speak like native English speakers is to live among them.
Anyway, I'm sure we manage quite commendably.


pitchpotch, you do, definitely! The only clue in the message above that you're not a native English speaker is where you used "making an essay" instead of "writing an essay".

And I agree about the speaking vs writing thing - I find that to be true with other languages as well, and my experience with ESL students backs up your claim.

clear idea

I got a clear idea

My father gave my sister and ___ so money, not SOME

Is the sentence "My father gave my sister and me so money" right? I thought it would be "some money".

You are right

I think you are right when you say "some money"! Maybe this is an ortographik mistake

Me too

If I say:
He was late. Me too. ... What is that "me"? Object or subject? And is it correct?

me too definitely...

Could anyone explain WHY?

"Me too" not "I too".

Great question! Grammatically, we should say "I too", but we NEVER do. We always say "Me too" even though "me" is usually the 'object'. There's no clear answer why this is the case - it's just the way that English has evolved. The most important thing is to be aware of it, regardless of the reason.

"me too" not "I too"

If you think of making a complete sentence it might make a little more sense, for example, I too was late. I find it helpful to ask questions like, (who was late?) if the answer makes sense and sounds correct, it normally is.

What's the difference between "not me" and "not I"?

I found a expression with "not I" and a song the name is "Not me, not I".
What's the difference?
Please help me.

wow. I did very good job

wow. I did very good job again,,


Hi everybody. I hope I'll be better after I completed these lessons. I'm not really good in speaking English. Smile


What you want learn english? You russian?

I think there is no

I think there is no difference but high school online you can say that I is use for personally and me is use of in front of someone..


Who broke the window?It was not me.

Pls justify the sentence as I think it is being used customarily.


Yes!! it so simple!! I got it all right/I got it all correct!(which is better?)...


Hi to you Grivna!!..I think you really speak good english. I admit that i'm still working on my communication skills particularly english, I wanted to master it, what else can I do aside from this tutorial? Godbless to you.

I am

its looks like I am going home alone..Smile it is correct word? Thinking

it is easy and interesting.

it is easy and interesting. Especially to read comment - "me too" - amusing

I and me

very interesting explanation.
Me too seems better than I too.

Greetings Smile


1.)Sara and i went to the cinema last weekend.But the movie was so boring and it was like watching grass grow.

2.) Maths question paper made Lucy and me a bag of nerves.


Thanks for the lesson :)


"Who broke the window?" "It wasn't ___."

Can someone please explain why answer is "me"?4
I see subjective pronoun is required here.