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Words that have the same spelling and different meaning

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Today we're looking at homophones - words that have the same spellinds,but different meanings.

Take a look at the seven sentences and chose the correct meaning for the homonyms in the context they are shown.

Link: Learn English Collocations


  • Dive: This place is a dive. I don't know why you like it here.

  • Down: You look down. What happened to you?

  • Drive: That F1 driver certainly has a lot of drive.

  • Express: I was just thinking that we should take the express train.

  • Fast: Hurry up. They're breaking the fast at sunset. We need to be there.

  • Figure: Your maths teacher has a great figure and she's very intelligent too.

  • Bright: It's not bright to stay out in the hot sun too long.



It was quite easy. I made one mistake with "drive" because of lack of attention. "Dive" was an uncertain word, but I guessed it. I looked it up in the dictionary and its meaning was unclear. Chris, could you clarify both mentioned meanings of this word (as a noun, of course).
I enjoyed doing this exercise, you understand how various and rich is English.

RE: Dive

When we describe a place as a dive (usually a nigtclub or bar), we are saying that it is a dirty, sleazy place. It has a negative meaning and it is a casual word.


Thank you very much. The second meaning is somewhat of a sudden movement, as I understood.


Thanks, it was an interesting lesson.
Most of the times it was easy to guess the right answer.

Have a nice day!

Different Meanings

Thank you for the Lesson. Smile
Some meanings of the words I didn't know, but I guesed!!!! Wink Everything is correct! Applause

Thanks Allah

it was very easy . no mistake was made by me



I made them correct except

I made them correct except Drive ,,

Thank u so much (^_^)


Thanks indeed about this great lesson ...
I get 8\10 but I was doubt about the mistakes, anyway it was good and useful to me..
the second thing,, I need anyone leave in Libya his language is English native to improve my English conversation, so any one can send me e-mail on

have a nice day everybody.

Yours Ahmed Gharouda

Thanks Chris. My answers are

Thanks Chris. My answers are correct but ı guessed some of them:)


The English Language is tricky because it borrows its words from so many different cultures and times. Words evolve with use and application.