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Who are you?


Nice to meet you Loly

Hi LoLy!

My name is Thuy

I am Vietnamese. I work for distributor Company but can't write English good. so i want to make friend with every body and to impprove my English.
Are you Japanese LoLy ? Your English very good.
Do you offend go out?
I'll like to invite you go to have coffee or diner

Bye and see you

Nguyen Anh Thuy
Viet Nam

Best Wishes

Hello everybody, Wave

I'm Mona from Egypt.I'm a doctor.Now I'm working as a resident physician in the radiology department in the Medical Research Institue here in Alexandria. I'd like to improve my English especially " speaking and listening " . I want to chat with people who are known to be skilled in English and I think I will find all what I want here in this fantastic site Applause .....I'm very glade to meet you! Love Struck


Hello Loly, I,m Ernesto, as you can see I,m a old person, either way, I think it is not late to learn and improve English, also Let me know that I like to talk with people from Asia, I like Asian people. Congratulations because you are studying Natural Sciences, it is very interesting. Good luck.

Thousand Thanks

I want to say thank you for this opportunity to improve my English here, I really appreciate your efforts and time to help us.
Greetings from Juarez, Mexico.

I am in Canada and want to

I am in Canada and want to improve English.Pl come on.

hi bhawana

thanx for ur advice...........
Now i suppose u know C,C++ and VB bt i think these languages are not as much as used in S/W companies.
I can say tht JAVA and ADAVANESD JAVA(J2EE)that can help u alot if u
have quench in this field,u have done BCA but u dint mention the stream
so if it is related to in IT subjects...tht will also play a role
i ur achievements...


Hello! I'm a new user. I am from Kazakhstan/ I speak Russian? but I wont stady English/ Could you direct me how or where to start from?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Chris, Very gd

Hi Chris,
Very gd effort,
bt i m finding a little bit disorganized
Plz tell me frm whr to start??????????????????


My name is Kadir.
i am working cisco(network equipments) certification program so i need to learn english. this website helping for me. I am from Türkiye. i am waiting all of you this country Smile..
see you later

Eltigany saing Hello for everybody

my name is Eltigany from sudan
i am looking for a better job
english langauge is so important for me
next year i am going to start Msc in computer network and programming .
nice to meet you guys


Call Me i am eltigany from sudan since you also caring about computer and network lets us to discuss alitle bit (please)

Dear Abhisek, I feel,

Dear Abhisek,

I feel, learning English is not all a tough task until you think so. It is so simple like other regular works you do. I can share one thing that watch BBC/ CNN/ Alzazira whenever you can. BBC will be more helpful. Read some English text either from your local English News Paper or the book you prefer.

Also keep writing, right/wrong until you gain the skill. There is nothing wrong in learning.


I am studing in anna university chennai B.TECH Nail Biting 1year.Iam tamil medium student.Iwant to speak flunt english please help me sir.
thank you.

I'm Yeşim from Istanbul:)

I'm a 25 year old History teacher. I also teach English because of the lack of English teachers in my country.
I live in Istanbul, the point where different cultures meet and live together in peace and quiet for ages. Visiting İstanbul must be a priority on your "to do list"
I live in the countryside of Istanbul. Şile is a little town by The Black Sea that people make money from fishing. And it's famous for hand crafts also.
Thank you very much for running this web site. I sometimes use some of these excersises as worksheets in the class. I hope it's OK for you:)
I'm very happy to meet you guys! Good luck with your studies!
Yeşim Arslan.
PS: Yeşim means JADE in English:)

what goes around comes around

hi chris I want to introduce my self

Hi Chris I'm Daisy I come from south korea, I am a married I have to sons I want to speak english fluently therfore I came this site. Smile

hi, everyone, luck to find this website

Hi, everyone, I'm Jingping Zhou, I come from Beijing. I feel so luck to find this website, and find so many friend who want to learn English better as me. It seems like the whole world is learning English now. After being a volunteer of Beijing 2008 Olympiade Games, I awared of I really need to make my English better.
Now, I'm going to find my first job, before gradute from my university. It's vary important to have a good skill about English.
Hope can persist in learning English here, and konw more friends from all over the world.

Life is a comedy for those

Life is a comedy for those who think... and a tragedy for those who feel.
hello .I am Didem from turkey.ı study english translation.I am happy To be here

erzsebet hi, my name is

hi, my name is Erzsebet, I am from Romania.
my english skills isn t good and i d like to improve it
howewer i m a new in this site i think that this site is so helpful
thanks for it. Wave

Hi Jamie

Hello Jamie, my name is Drini. I recently read your introduction about yourselves. In fact i become user in this website only few days ago. I understand that your English is better than my, but I'm working hard to emprove. That is the reason why I want to write you and other members.
I hope that my request will accept by you. After your answer I'll tell more about me, if you want... ! My email adress is



I want to learn English very much --- Thanks for your help!

Hi Christian McCarthy and every members.

I am Pham Huu Son. I was born in Vietnam. I graduated from Vietnam Maritime University last May. At present, I am looking for a job in maritime field. I want to learn English so much and I always try to learn English everywhere everytimes and by every way. I think it's so good for me to make friend with you to learn English bester & have fun.

Nice to meet you too!

Please, don't forget correct every mistake in my grammar for me.

Say hello to all my classmates

Hello Chris and everybody,

I am Shu, a Malaysian. I am now working in Beijing and I have been in this city for about one year. I have spent my whole life ^_^ drench with a single language, Chinese Mandarin. Of course I love my mother tongue, but I have somehow realised that perhaps I could keep improving my Chinese language by learning other languages. For instance, English. That's why I am here.

I am always not a good student. I always prefer self-study, but I know for learning a language, which is an implement used for communication in human society, it'd be better studying in a 'class' and learning from each other.

Ok, that's all. I am gald to have all of you to be my classmates. By the way, I had set up a personal blog not long ago in order to motivate myself to keep on study. I do hope you can have a visit whenever you feel free.

Every witch has her own crystal ball.

Hello everybody

My name is Natalia. I am from Slovakia and I came across this site two days ago just by chance when I was trying to translate a Slovak text into English and tried to Google some expressions. I found it so exciting that I immediately forgot about my duties and started to go through the site. It's a great idea and fun.
Apart of the forum, I hope I shall find a place here to practice phrasal verbs, which I am not very good at, as well as idioms and colloqial phrases. And most of all it's exciting to be in contact with people all over the world.Smile


Hello! everybody,

My name is Akeeta, and my nickname is 'Tar'. I come from Thailand, I live in Hong Kong.
I have been interesting about English, especially British English. It was my favorites.
I love it. ^_^

But it was hard for me to understand all of them sometimes.
I'm glad I was found this website. It will help me to practice my English a lots.

Anyways, nice meet you too.


AKEETA (¬_¬')?? \(^O^)/

Hi Shu

I took a look at your blog, it's very good! I think everyone should take a look at it and think about keeping an English language blog, too. Keep up the good work!!



Check out Shu's site:

yo hi guys !

I'm Heti . i'm from Vietnam .
Nice to meet all of U .


hi,my name is nelfa i came from philippines i'm not very good speak inglish. I hope will be okey, i want to learn more. I'm try my best,in the good way. THANK YOU THE LEARN ENGLISH


Hi,my name is nelfa from philippines i want to improve my english.Pls. help me how to speak its very dificult for me how to construct the way to speak englis. thanks a lot you understand me again thank you.


I am Muhammad from egypt wanna to be friends
my emaisls is

who are you?

My name is Hung.I'm a Vietnamese.Now I'm a student of university of technical education. I think that this wed is useful. Thank you so much


I'm a student. This wed is useful,isn't?

My name is Lien

Hello christian,

The first, I would like to thank you for website. I am very happy when I can approach your website. I like and need english a lot. when I saw your web, i think it is very usefull and popular. I hope to have a good chance to talked to you by voice(yahoo: skype:phanphuonglien_na) and make friend with you.

I introduce myself:

My name is Lien, I come from Vietnam. In my country, the people are very friendly. I would like to study english because it is popular languege. and if i can speak english, i will can communicate a lot of people over the world, example: with Christian...I am a broker for stock company in Vietnam. my boss is foreigner. and I am studying Master development economic. so, I think, English is very important and useful for me.

Thank a lot!


white lotus

To tell something about me

This site is very useful for me. As i am from Bangladesh,my native language is not English. So i need help from this site to learn more. I have great desire to study abroad or immigrant . Thank you very much. My e-mail:

About me

Hello Chris and all others friends who using this sites

First of all i want to introduce myself.I am Vikas from India.I have done completed my graduation recently.I want to do MBA. Due to that i want to improve my English skills.
I learn about your sites on the occassion of surfing on net.It is really good sites for learn English.I want to thank u for this sites that is helpful for student in improve English.

Thank Chris once again


my name is swathi
Im from India

im working as secretary. Im scare to talk english. Because im not speaking english properly. so i want to learn english effectively.
Thanks for this website


i am kanakaraj and has been using this site for the past 15 days to improve my english.this site provides me many useful tips to learn english.

thanks alot


I' from Brazil, and i'm very happy with my new friends.
I need to learn alot of things in English.
help me.
Keep in touch


What's up?
My name is Anderson and I live in Brazil.
I would like to talk to you.

Hi Anderson,

Nice to meet you. My name is Igor, I am from Russia. Do you like the site? I think it is marvelous. You can do a lot of useful exercises.

Your English is getting better Smile Day after day. Keep in touch!


Hi Swathi

I wish I could speak English fluently, but...
I wish I had been learning at school well. But now it is up to us - improve our English, and I hope it is possible.

Don't be worry about your mistakes. Try to do all the exercises - and you will feel more confident!

I am from Russia, my name's Igor.
Take care!


My name is Rishikesh. I am from INDIA. I am pursuing Engineering as career in Electronics and Telecommunication. Now I am in 7th semester.
I simply love this language. So want to sharpen my knowledge in ENGLISH language. I would also love to interact with people from all quarters. My hello to everyone.





in india , without english we cant survive in industry

hi grivna

Without effort we cant learn english i know.

im from India

hi grivna

Without effort we cant learn english i know.

im from India

hi grivna

Without effort we cant learn english i know.

im from India

hi grivna

Without effort we cant learn english i know.

im from India

hi bhavana

im from india, i have workexperience, im not getting good salary job, because of my poor english communication.

hi friend

i want to learn some american accent online free would u help me, iam new user of this site plz
Help me to improve my engish language

Hi i'm Nastya from Russia ))

LOVE malta AND ec

**Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Don't cha** Pussy KISS from Russia **

Hello !

I am Moni from Dhaka, Bnagladesh. it is in the indian subcontinent. I am learning as wellas teaching English students. I love Italy and Italian cultures, people, fashions etc. I would be very happy to more from you... Thanks and see you online....

Greetings from South Korea

Hello Ludmila!

It's great to notice your message here. My name is John Huh, a South Korean citizen living in Paju City, South Korea. Actually you and I are in the same age level.

Yesterday while exchanging business emails with my business friend in China, I came across with this wonderful site. I talked about this site with my Chinese friend and she gladly accepted my invitation to register with this program.

I have traveled many countries in the world (some 30 different countries) but have not yet had an opportunity of visiting your country, Israel. Do you live in Jerusalem?

I will be looking forward to hearing from you. My personal email address is ; .

Most sincerely,

John Huh
NTEC Engineering Co, Ltd
Bucheon City, South Korea
John Huh