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May, might, could...+ Have + Past participle

May, might, could...+ Have + Past participle


Could you explain to me the different grammar sense with May + have + past participle and Might + Have + past participle...etc Could, must Have + past participle.

I thank you in advance for helping me,


modal verbs

'May have' is used when you are not sure whether or not something happened.

If you want to talk about something that could have happened in the past but didn't, use 'might have' e.g "I might have passed the test if I had worked harder."

'Could have' has the same meaning as 'might have' - it shows there was a chance.

'Must have' shows we are certain about something that happened in the past. e.g "That noise you heard must have been my brother playing his drums next door."

I hope that helps.


here is what i know how different it is.

might, may, and could+ have+p.p. three of these are the same meaning ( past situation...maybe it happened, maybe it did not. we do not know for sure, but we know that it was possible)

Ex: my friend bought a lottery ticket. he could have had the winning ticket. i do not know, but it is possible.

****for could have +p.p have another meaning .( past ability or capability to do something, but you chose not to do it. you had the opportunity to do something, but you decided not to do it)

Ex: i could have stayed in Euroe in 2001, but i decided to reture to the USA instead.
feel free to ask me if you need help because i would like to learn from you too '' i am a student too''