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Best Way to Learn English

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Here's a letter from someone who has worked hard to learn English. Javier decided to leave his home in Colombia and learn English in London. Read through what he has written and decide if the statements are true or false.

Danny's Reading: Playstation

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This afternoon, I played a PlayStation game.

This, I know, is hardly the kind of groundbreaking news that will have journalists frantically bursting into busy newsrooms waving copy in the air and screaming 'Hold the front page!' but, you see, I'd never played on a PlayStation before. Not once. Not ever.

This afternoon, I played a PlayStation game for the first time in my life.

And no, I've never used an Xbox or a Nintendo Wii either.

Vocabulary Lesson: The Greatest!

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The following article talks about some of the most unforgettable moments in the life of a sporting icon, I'm sure you have heard of him, Cassius Clay, "The Greatest Muhammad Ali". Read the text and try to put the correct verbs in each gap. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

How to Save Money

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And you, how much are you saving? The following document will provide you with interesting tips to get you started. Apart from practising your vocabulary, I hope you find it very useful for your everyday life! Enjoy.

Read the following text and try to fill the gaps with the missing words:

Lesson by Caroline

London Shows - Comparing Information

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Business English: Looking for a job

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Megan has been looking for a new job. She is trying to pursue a different career in the financial industry and has been to several interviews with some of the biggest financial firms in Cape Town. However, she is still having a difficult time landing her dream job. Remember if you are really interested in this subject, we have very good Business English courses available at our English schools.

Restaurants: Learn 8 New Words

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Last week I visited a restaurant with three friends. I asked two of them to write down their opinions on it. Read through the interviews and see if you can answer the true or false questions below. Have you been to any interesting restaurants lately?

Lesson by Caroline

Marine's Interview

1. What restaurant did you go to? 
I had dinner at Meatliquor.

In the news - Student Visas

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Read the article below and try to complete the gaps with the missing words. I'd love to hear your opinion on this issue. Have you been affected by recent visa changes in the UK? Let us know.

Lesson by Caroline

Danny's Reading: Not About Gozo

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Gozo, Malta's smaller sister island, is a great place for those moments in life when you just need to get away from it all for a couple of days. Twenty minutes away by ferry, Gozo is quiet and tranquil - except for certain times of the year when absolutely everybody simultaneously feels the need to get away from it all, and end up finding the 'it' that they need to get away from waiting for them in the holiday apartment next door to theirs.

In The News: Wayne Rooney

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