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Danny's Reading: Deodorant

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This is an article about deodorant.

Yes. Seriously.

Not just any deodorant though. Specifically, the one that I just bought from the supermarket down the road. Which is, apparently, not really a deodorant, but a 'Skin Comfort System Anti-Perspirant Body Spray, with Chamomile Extract and Avocado Oil'. In other words, it's a deodorant which costs three times as much as any other deodorant purely because it has a cooler sounding name.

In The News: Hurricane Sandy

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A hurricane is a huge and powerful destructive storm with very strong winds that occurs _1_ in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean. The winds usually have a circular movement.

The Media - Advanced Reading

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The following article is an interesting and controversial topic that has gained importance in recent years. Read it and increase your vocabulary and at the end evaluate your comprehension by answering the True/False questions.

Lesson by Caroline Devane

The Owners of the "News"

The role of the media is essentially defined by the manipulation of information oriented towards the control of "public opinion", but their goals are not social as described in the mythology of "journalistic objectivity".

The Hottest Day!

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According to the radio, August 18th was the hottest day in the UK for two years when temperatures peaked at 32.4C (90.3F) in the south of England. Being 8 months pregnant at the time I was not too thrilled about it but fortunately my office was nice and cool. I do enjoy the sunshine, however, and love what summer brings! Here's a short article about what I love about summer. Unscramble the mixed up words to find the summer vocabulary. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Reading and Vocabulary: Usain Bolt

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Spread over 16 unforgettable days, the London Olympic Games drew the world's attention with one man in particular being a large part of the focus. Usain Bolt was the centre of the party, confirming his status as the greatest sprinter in history as he retained his Olympic 100m title in style. Read through the following text and decide where the missing words should go.

Ancient Structures: Pre-intermediate Comprehension

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Read through these two paragraphs about two very famous structures in China and Egypt. When you have finished reading, answer the comprehension questions. You can write your answers in the comments area. There is also a vocabulary exercise for you to try.

Best Way to Learn English

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Here's a letter from someone who has worked hard to learn English. Javier decided to leave his home in Colombia and learn English in London. Read through what he has written and decide if the statements are true or false.

Danny's Reading: Playstation

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This afternoon, I played a PlayStation game.

This, I know, is hardly the kind of groundbreaking news that will have journalists frantically bursting into busy newsrooms waving copy in the air and screaming 'Hold the front page!' but, you see, I'd never played on a PlayStation before. Not once. Not ever.

This afternoon, I played a PlayStation game for the first time in my life.

And no, I've never used an Xbox or a Nintendo Wii either.

Vocabulary Lesson: The Greatest!

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The following article talks about some of the most unforgettable moments in the life of a sporting icon, I'm sure you have heard of him, Cassius Clay, "The Greatest Muhammad Ali". Read the text and try to put the correct verbs in each gap. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

How to Save Money

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And you, how much are you saving? The following document will provide you with interesting tips to get you started. Apart from practising your vocabulary, I hope you find it very useful for your everyday life! Enjoy.

Read the following text and try to fill the gaps with the missing words:

Lesson by Caroline