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Danny's Reading: Not About Gozo

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Gozo, Malta's smaller sister island, is a great place for those moments in life when you just need to get away from it all for a couple of days. Twenty minutes away by ferry, Gozo is quiet and tranquil - except for certain times of the year when absolutely everybody simultaneously feels the need to get away from it all, and end up finding the 'it' that they need to get away from waiting for them in the holiday apartment next door to theirs.

In The News: Wayne Rooney

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Business English: What does Strike Mean?

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Have you ever been about to go on holiday and ended up stuck at the airport because your airline has gone on strike? Strikes can be incredibly frustrating for the general public and can make big news. Here’s a short article about strikes. Read through the article and complete the gaps with the missing vocabulary listed below. Have you ever gone on strike with your company, or have you recently been affected by one? Let us know.

The Scorpion and the Frog

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Aesop was a Greek story-teller who lived around 600 BC. His stories or fables (simple stories used to teach us moral lessons) are still enjoyed today by people all over the world.

Perhaps you have heard this story in your own language?

Read the fable and then answer the comprehension questions that follow. Click 'Show Answers' at the bottom to see the answers.

The Spirit of Sportsmanship

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Winning is important in sports, especially in the Olympics, but sometimes, good sportsmanship is more important. In the 1964 Winter Olympics, sportsmanship won the headlines in the two-man bobsled competition. The British team was in second place when members discovered their sled had a broken bolt. It was impossible for them to continue.

Should young children learn two languages?

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You are probably on this page because you want to learn English. How old were you when you first started to learn? Do you think the younger you are when you start to learn a language, the easier it is?

Read this article about a new father whose baby girl will grow up speaking two languages.

Are bilingual speakers more intelligent?

My wife and I recently celebrated the birth of our first baby. Baby Lucy has two loving parents and will grow up in a in a house where two languages are spoken.

Danny's Reading: Music

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I was walking to work this morning when it suddenly occurred to me, somewhere between mourning the passing of yet another weekend and wondering vaguely why the guy walking slightly ahead of me was wearing a blue and green checked shirt with orange and black stripy shorts, that I have never, in the four or five years that I've been writing these articles, written one about music. This realisation came as a bit of a surprise.

Education Vocabulary and Phrases

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As you probably know we are a chain of English language schools in top locations around the world. Attending a course in an English-speaking country is the best way to learn English. On your course you will hear and learn real English, the everyday English that native speakers really use. Here are three conversations which are related to schools and education, especially university education.

Reading: Travel Money Tips

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I'm sure many of you are looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday. Personally, I'd love to go relax on a beach somewhere with an ice-cream and a book. But, holidays can be expensive, so here's some tips to help you keep your holiday low-cost. Read through the article and complete the gaps with the missing vocabulary listed below. Let us know if you have any holiday plans!

Lesson by Caroline

Wedding Vocabulary

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Weddings are wonderful events and I'm really looking forward to my cousins wedding in October! I'm particularly excited about the food, which sounds amazing. There is lots of vocabulary related to marriage and weddings and here are some of the most common words. Read the paragraph below to see the vocabulary in context, then try and match the words to their meanings. Are any of you getting married soon? Or are you already married? Tell us about your big day!

Lesson by Caroline