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Danny's Reading: The End (Danny's Final Article)

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And so here we are, at the beginning...

I'm writing this on the fifteenth of December. It's twenty to three in the afternoon, it's Saturday, and it's ten days away from Christmas Day. If, of course, we make it that far - if the Mayans are to be believed, it’s six days away from the end of the world, or, at least, the end of the world as we know it...

The School System in England

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Read the following article about the English school system and see if you can choose which word correctly fits the gap. This lesson will test grammar, collocations and your understanding of context. Let us know how you do! Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

Winter Wonderland Activity

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If you learn English in London this winter, why not visit the famous Winter Wonderland? I'm planning on taking my daughter this year, though I'm sure she will be too young to appreciate it!

Head to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for traditional Christmas markets, Santa's grotto, a spectacular ice sculpture show, a giant observation wheel, funfair rides and London's largest outdoor ice-rink.

There is so much to do and see there to get you in the festive spirit.

Five ways to help make the world a better place

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You don't have to quit work and build a whole new environmentally friendly house to help the planet. There are lots of little things you can do that make a big difference. Read through the five ideas below that aim to help make the world a better place and complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary as you go. I hope it inspires you to make a change. Can you add any other things we should all aim to do to the list? Thanks in advance for your ideas!

The Ant and the Dove

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Aesop's fables are a collection of fables believed to have been written by the Greek storyteller Aesop. Aesop lived over 2000 and his many fables are known throughout the world.

The main characters in these stories, and in all fables, are animals they teach us a moral lesson.

Danny's Reading: Facebook

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This week finds me a little disgruntled.

'Disgruntled' is a word that I like. It means irritated, or grumpy, or sullen. What I like about it is the way it can tell people that you're feeling disgruntled and they immediately know that you're not particularly happy even if they don't know the meaning of the word. It's a good word and I like it. Using it, however, does not make me feel any less disgruntled. Or irritated. Or grumpy.

Healthy Eating

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Did you know that having the right kind of diet can help us to avoid getting sick? Read the article below and then answer the true or false questions. Do you have any other tips to help us keep healthy during the cold weather? Good luck!

Culture Lesson: Thanksgiving in USA

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Today, 22nd Novemer 2012, is Thanksgiving in America. What do you know about this special holiday? Read through this article on why Thanksgiving is celebrated paying attention to the missing words.

Thanksgiving in USA

Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November. It is _1_ big family celebration with people travelling from all over the country to be with their family and friends.

Living in London

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London is home to over 100,000 international students from over 200 different nations. There are more international students learning in there than in any other city in the world. Our English school in London gives our students the oppurtunity to enjoy this amazing city while they improve their English.

London is my favourite city in the world. I don't live there at the moment but I’m hoping to move there soon.

In The News: Obama Wins!

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President Barack Obama _1_ been re-elected to a second term, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

In a speech _2_ almost 25 minutes, the President insisted he had hope for the future but admitted there was "more work to do".