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threw vs through

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'We took a taxi through New York.'

Let's take a look at two words which have the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings. Try to remember these when you are writing in English:

Threw is the past tense of the verb 'throw'.

'The goalkeeper threw the ball to his team-mate.'

The sentence, 'I can't believe all that Anna has been threw this year', is not correct.


The correct sentence is:

'I can't believe all that Anna has been through this year.'

Through is never used as a verb:

"He walked home through the park", not "He walked home threw the park."

To review:

Through is a preposition and an adverb. (It can also be used as an adjective).

Threw is the past tense of 'throw'. The past participle is thrown.

Unless you mean the act of throwing, use through.


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  • I tried to call, but I couldn't get ___ to you.

  • The police car drove ___ a red light at the traffic signal.

  • I was sick last night. I ___ up twice.

  • My teacher lost my homework ___ his disorganisation.

  • Did you ___ the newspaper away?

  • The cowboy was ___ by his horse.

  • Hands up! ___ your hands in the air!


Threw vs Through

Skill knowledge

'Throw' vs 'Through'

I've done them well.
I would like to inform you that there is a mistake has been done in the sentence:
"I tried to call, but I couldn't get through to you".
The sentence must be:
"I tried calling, but I couldn't get through to you"; because it doesn't have any things depend on my ablity.
Thank you,

Threw vs through

I've done this test, but I am not confident about using "through".

Confusion word

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So good to learn

Very easy buy tricky. I just love to learn thanks.

i love this test

I love this test, I got all correct

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confusion words

I'm little confusion is this words, my test 50-50 Day Dreaming Through--Threw.

very good exercise but it isn't more confident

I really need more exercise to deal.


I tried to call, but I coul(d)n't get ___ to you.

Confusing words

It wasn't difficult, when the sentences are written. BUT it is difficult in listening Surprise

Help please Chris???

Thanks for the lesson and exercise.

"I can't believe all that Anna has been through this year."

What is this sentence's meaning? I tried to understand but I couldn't.. Confused Worried

Can you explain it please? Angel Batting Eyelashes

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through vs threw

I think the way to distinguish both by ear is to try to understand the context and position of the spoken word.